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100 Upskirts

100 Upskirts

Review date: 27-Jun-2016 17:10. Nowadays everyone is an amateur pornographer. You can make something naughty with a cell phone camera and higher quality video cameras are available much cheaper than they used to be. This means a boom in smut and that’s something we can all get behind, right? There’s also been a boom in guys running around with their little digital cameras capturing upskirt pictures of ladies walking down the street.

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100 Upskirts

Intro promises:
The beautiful babes have no idea their private areas are being snapped and that’s all part of the fun. 100 Upskirts wants to be the site you go to for pleasure in this particular arena and considering how many pictures they give away on the tour I imagine they have more than just 100 shots inside. It looks like there are lots of movies for you based on all the little text lines daring you to download the movie. They take you to the join page but I’ll bet if you sign up that you’ll get to grab lots of hot scenes. I’m really looking forward to delving into the member’s area to see just how many wonderful clips and pictures are waiting for me.

It turns out that the 100 Upskirts name wasn’t that far off from reality. They have 138 scenes for you in the member’s area and there are no updates so that’s all you get. If you’ve been to the tour then you know what the inside looks like because it’s exactly the same. They have 44 scenes listed per page with two screenshots from each to help you get interested in the video. They have a very short description for most videos but they’re not exactly enlightening so you don’t really need to read them. Download speeds were nice and fast as I was getting 1mb/sec, which is just a delight. It took no time to bring down the clips, most of which are short. I didn’t see many that were longer than two minutes, which makes sense. It’s not like there’s a ton to see in an upskirt video. You get to check out the ass and hopefully see a little camel toe and if the movie is good you’ll get a look at the girl’s face too so you know just how pretty the babe that you’re ogling in a voyeuristic way is. One of the things I like best about the site is that there’s no indication these videos are staged. By all accounts they are totally real because they’re all done in very public places – you’ll often see dozens of other people milling around and it’s hard to believe none of them would notice some guy with a camera walking around. My guess is that it’s some kind of shoe camera. I’m not certain and it doesn’t really matter because the end result is terrific upskirt videos for you. Most scenes feature several girls as the guy walks around a crowded area looking for babes to expose. All the ladies are wearing panties, which is another reason to believe the scenes are genuine. The dresses and skirts are always short so you get great views. There are tons of hot butts in these upskirt videos and tons of great covered pussy shots. You can dream of being with these girls and reaching up under their skirts to play with their sexy pussies or grope their hot asses. My favorites are the thongs. Some of the girls don’t like to have a lot of material back there and they end up making the best videos because there’s so much ass to admire. Members of 1000 Upskirts also get access to Upskirt Collection, a bonus site featuring tons of pictures and videos. They actually have a huge variety of content, not just upskirt action. There are 10 categories they’ve divided their photo content into so if you yearn for pretty pictures then you’ll have everything you could ever hope for. Put the two sites together and you have a terrific collection of upskirt porn.

100 Upskirts is a nice site with 138 upskirt videos for you to download. Each video is taken in a public place and it looks like they’re filmed with a shoe cam that peers up and captures some really hot stuff. You’ll see panties and asses galore and the clips play at 640x480 and 1000kbps. It’s not the best video but what do you expect from a small hidden camera? These are some of the finest true voyeur upskirt videos I’ve seen so I applaud them for putting together such a nice site. The bonus site filled with picture galleries and video is fantastic and makes your membership far more valuable.

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