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2 Lips Live

2 Lips Live

Review date: 19-Nov-2018 06:47. 2 Lips Live is an adult webcam site which was first created back in 2008. Back then the site looked pretty good and was actually pretty popular. Since then though it has gone through some major transformations which, aren’t necessarily for the better. If you had visited 2LipsLive back in 2008 and you had fond memories it’s highly likely you wouldn’t even recognise the site in 2014.

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2 Lips Live

Intro promises:
If you are looking for something other than girls you will need to look elsewhere as 2LipsLive doesn’t use shemales or guys. However even if it is just girls you seek you might have trouble finding one to suit your tastes. At the time of review there were just 6 online cam girls out of 100’s registered. Out of the 6 that were online there was a teen lesbian couple, a couple of young brunettes and a couple of 30 somethings. So once you have chosen an online model it’s time to enter her live chat room, clicking either the profile picture or username takes you there. The first girl I chose was consuelo and when I entered she looked positively sad. I also found the video size to be tiny. You can make the video about 4 times bigger but I found that the resolution dropped quite a bit. After trying to cheer up consuelo and eventually giving up I entered the two lesbian college girls room and was greeted by a proper lesbian sex show! The girls were eating each others pussies and nude on cam whilst I watched.

To be fair to the site all of the girls that I spoke to were lovely, they had time for me even though I was still a guest and hadn’t yet registered. I began to understand why some looked bored as there wasn’t a great deal going on and I would often be the only person in the chatroom. The great thing about this is that you have full access to all the girls and you can often talk to them by text chat where on other sites you would be completely ignored. Some people are going to respect and enjoy this close knit feel with just a handful of girls. The great thing about the site is that you can chat for as long as you like as a guest using free chat without getting booted. Once you have got to know the girls a little better you can join and take the girls private. Eventually you are going to want to get to know the girls a bit better and take them private. To do this you will need to register. This is a simple difficult process, just click the free signup link and enter a username, password, email address and captcha code. A verification link will be sent to your email which you click to become a member. As a registered member you can now purchase credits, these can be used for taking camgirls private however as previously mentioned you cannot purchase credits until registered. I am unable to register, therefore unable to give pricing.

My first impressions of 2LipsLive were not good, the site looks very bland and basic. The girls were nice and friendly and some of them are pretty good looking. It’s great that you can chat unlimited as a guest and equally great that occasionally you get a free live sex show thrown in as well. I found that the cam quality was below standard and all the rooms I entered had audio. This is great in some circumstances but not when your speakers are filled with tinny crappy music. The number of online girls can be taken two ways. 1) It’s not enough selection or 2) It gives you a chance to get to know all of the girls intimately. Ultimately though the biggest problem with 2lips is that you (or I at least) couldn’t register. This information will be updated if I ever get a confirmation email.

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