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3D Shemalez

3D Shemalez

Review date: 9-Aug-2015 21:19. Feel like spending a few hours crushing on better-than-real shemale beauties? 3D Shemalez will let you explore shemale-related fantasies you didn’t even know you had. The site features unique and naturally exclusive 3D rendered content with both softcore and hardcore shemale sex action. You gotta see it to realize how hot it is!

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3D Shemalez

Intro promises:
What do you think good porn is all about? Models, some will say, or content quality. Or maybe something else. We’re sure you want to hear our opinion hehe. Well, we are of the opinion that good porn is all about imagination. It has to stimulate your imagination in a way that help you connect with what’s going on through your personal fantasies and experiences. This is what we seek in porn and we make sure the sites we review here at My Sex Porn are as close to what we think is good as possible. Like 3D Shemalez here. This very new and very special site was recently launched as part of a 4-site network with all sorts of special content in there. The network has a gay-themed site in there, and we have taken a look at it already. Now it’s shemale time. 3D Shemalez specializes in high resolution, computer generated pictures with all manner of shemale sex action. The site has a very special-looking tour area which gives you plenty of sample pictures to see, with somewhat less information about other aspects of the site. But don’t worry, this is exactly what we are here for, exploring adult sites for you so that you can make a healthy and informed customer decision. That is, if you’re not horny as hell from seeing all these CGI shemales already! In fact, we won’t be surprised if you are.

The entire shemale thing is very imagination-powered, right? Hot girls with large juicy tits and huge dripping dicks plus butts just itching to be filled, this combination lets you fulfil more deepest fantasies than just about any other type of porn. With 3D Shemalez, your imagination will get so much stimulation you won’t know when to squirt! Everything is exaggerated and intensified here, with strikingly beautiful tranny pornstars putting their larger than life cocks to action and ending up with cum on their mega massive racks and in their deep, tight, cock-milking butts. 3D Shemalez offers image series with dozens of high resolution images per episode. Looks like these guys have been gathering feedback, fantasies and requests from shemale porn fans for a long time! What we mean is that these models and scenes and just about everything else is just loaded with sex appeal and exhaustingly steamy action. Some episodes are softcore, with lovely dickgirls parading their assets around, while many other episodes feature shemales fucking girls or getting fucked by guys, or both. The quality of 3D rendering and of the images themselves is very high, there’s texture, there’s light, there’s everything to make it look real – but not exactly. It’s better, it’s different, it’s all set in fantasy land! The site updates often and comes with bonus access to 4 other drawn and filmed sites. All in all, more than enough if you need some kinky inspiration!

Get a double or even triple dose of imagination stimulants with 3D Shemalez, an all-new site loaded with computer-generated image galleries. These shemales were so lovingly and knowingly drawn you will want to spend days ogling their smooth, perfect, better-than-real bodies and heavy, horny appendages. The site offers a good balance between softcore and hardcore galleries, both of which got the hottest trannies a human mind can only come up with. In addition to that, 3 other great sites within the same account – wow!

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