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40 Plus 50 Plus

40 Plus 50 Plus

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 08:29. I can only hope that when I reach middle age, my sex drive’s still going strong. The ladies of 40 Plus 50 Plus strike poses, tell stories and share fantasies, and they may not be as supple-bodied as the girls on most adult sites, but they’ve got experience.

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40 Plus 50 Plus

Intro promises:
The site reads like a magazine, which is not surprising considering its content is taken directly from two magazines — 40+ and 50+. You can look at pictures, read articles, peruse letters to the editor, and if you’re lucky, watch streaming videos. Of course, I couldn’t get the videos to work, as usual; I’ve had the same problem with every other site by this publisher. Navigation was slightly improved, but the links weren’t always dependable. I followed one that read “Hot Sex Tricks at 46!” and found myself reading an interview with 40-year-old Sunshine. Hmm. Others returned me to where I started and didn’t deliver me to such promised articles as “Taking the Job Out of Blow Job” or “Sex VS. Marriage!”

Since I couldn’t watch videos, I read through many of the articles instead. They were fun in a goofy way: “It may sound like a cliché, but I really just can’t get enough!” says Sunshine. I guess if I were a male in my 40s or 50s (or just had a fetish for women that age) then I’d be turned on by this stuff, but as it is, I am 25 and straight so the site just made me giggle. Other content included a roundtable article about couples going to strip clubs together and a fictional fantasy piece about foxy divorcees throwing a party where “everybody comes”. Hee hee.

The photos that accompanied these articles were clearly not taken specifically for them; in fact, the divorcee party photos looked like they were recycled from 1983, shoulder pads and all. By the way, with your membership you get a free subscription to the print edition of your choice.

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