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6 Buck Hardcore

6 Buck Hardcore

Review date: 15-Oct-2017 06:23. Six bucks a month? Swell! They could be displaying sixteenth century anatomical drawings and showing Army hygiene films from the 1940s and I’d still buy in for that price. 6 Buck Hardcore offers as much P-O-R-N as other sites that charge five, six and seven times as much for a lower quality product. Do I sound excited? I am. Damned excited. I’m rigid with excitement.

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6 Buck Hardcore

Intro promises:
I’m wearing my Nixon disguise, singing opera through a bullhorn on the roof of my house. Right out of the gate 6BuckHardcore gets down to business with “Here, Share My Wife,” a video on the first page of the Members Zone in which two earnest Slavic studs flop around with a pneumatic brunette. She’s cute, seriously occupied with the business at hand and (you’ll want to sit down for this) she has large, surgically unaltered breasts. The WMV-9 format stream plays smoothly in a 320x240 window and runs for about twenty minutes. All this sets the general tone for the rest of the site.

There are twenty-five 6Buck Originals on the Videos page. That area also offers streaming content from Dreamzotic, Creamy Goo Guzzlers, Just Fuck It, and others. The 6Buck Network section has links to the site's specific categories: 6BuckOrgies, 6BuckAsians, 6BuckMILF, 6BuckBBW, 6BuckTrannies, plus eleven more flavors. Each 6Buck category has loads of video and photo content. From the navigation bar on every page you can surf to XXX Matchmaking, Sexual Stress Relief, Live Shows, Phone Sex and Amaze Your Friends. You do want to amaze your friends, don’t you? Then e-mail them one of the four clips here, “Is it a cum-sucking black hole? Or just the widest sphincter you've ever seen?” Click the appropriate radio button, fill in the subject line, add a quick message and send. Amazing? Your friends need to get out more. Rounding out the 6Buck bonanza are over 5,000 pictures in the Photos section so, there, you’ve got it all. Drawbacks? Yes. All of the videos stream in that same 320x240 window – can’t resize or bump them to full screen – and many are repeated across categories, giving the impression of more content than there is, actually. Another annoyance is that in the photos section many of the models look like mercenaries, battle-hardened porn warriors, every ounce of natural sex appeal fucked clean out of them. Additionally, every time I clicked on a new section, 6BuckAnal, for instance, I was required to log in again. And one last glitch – out of the twenty videos I sampled, a few either didn’t stream properly or the sound was bolluxed.

But six dollars? Six dollars… six tiny American dollars for a month of smut? Skip that pack of cowboy killers you were about to buy, leave that rack of PBR® in the cooler… for about the same price you could be enjoying thirty days of health-giving pornography.

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