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a Pantyhose

a Pantyhose

Review date: 10-Apr-2012 06:59. Pantyhose have been making hot girls even hotter for decades. The newest highlight in this seems to be aPantyhose, a brand new website filled with hot fresh-looking Eurobabes who got legs and pantyhose combined for a truly breathtaking experience. They’re about to tease you with their nyloned feed till you beg for them to get fucked – and then it will happen! See now, or regret it later if you’re into pantyhose!

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a Pantyhose

Intro promises:
Beautiful ladies and accessories made of nylon have been working together to make men happy and horny for a real long while now. There is just something so appealing and mind-tingling about how this fine fabric embraces their legs and hips providing a subtle, see-through cover for a lady’s most delicate areas. When it comes to pantyhose-themed adult entertainment, you can get yourself all sorts of stuff, from more shoots which are on the softcore, more fetish-oriented side all the way to girls getting their pantyhose pulled down or even torn seconds before they get dicked – hard. These areas are quite different and you will rarely find them brought together within a single site, for instance. Yet some manage to do it, like aPantyhose here. It’s actually brand new and it’s shining with freshness and class. Apparently the site is all about fresh-looking Eurobabes who play with their nyloned legs, show off their fine feet in pantyhose – and once in a while hook up with pantyhose-obsessed studs who try their best to pound their brains out. We always love ourselves a mixture of glamour and well-filmed hardcore action, and aPantyhose seems to be just the place for that. The site has a tour with plenty of information packed into a couple of pages. There is a video trailer, a downloadable one, by the way, as well as plenty of site and membership facts. Let’s see how true this tour is!

aPantyhose does feel like a modern site in all possible ways. The site’s neat, curiosity-inspiring, glamorous tour sets the expectations for the member area, and it does not fail to deliver. It’s not just the wrapping here. It’s the product, too. The site was launched a very short time ago, and with updates scheduled two times a week, it probably hasn’t had a chance to grow much yet. Still you won’t be disappointed. The photos come as 1,600px images and the videos are 720p HD, with a handsome choice of formats and resolutions. In a nutshell, no content compromises here. In terms of what’s going on, the softcore shoots feature beautiful young ladies playing with their bodies and their pantyhose in all sorts of glamorous-looking locations and apartments. There’s usually some other accessories involved, like gloves for instance, or high-heeled shoes and sexy-looking panties. The girls tease your soul out by pulling and playing with their pantyhose making it embrace their soaked pussies so damn tight. The camera work is cool and subtle with lots of breathtaking closeups. This is the softcore part, and in the hardcore part, as you can imagine, the same lovely ladies get their pantyhose torn and ripped so that big, mean, veiny cocks can get into their holiest of holies. A great change from the slow, sensual softcore shoots, we can tell you! It all looks and feels great so try it, it’s worth your while.

aPantyhose is a modern site with a well-balanced content collection which features quite a bit of softcore and hardcore pantyhose-inspired action. The girls know the magical power of their nylons, and the guys behind the camera know how to deliver it to you. It’s a pretty versatile site with enough fun to have for both softcore and hardcore pantyhose erotica fans. The quality is always very high and we expect to be customer satisfaction to be really high, too. Give it a chance if you’re a pantyhose man!

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