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Abigail 18

Abigail 18

Review date: 4-Oct-2016 10:04. Abigail 18 is yet another beautiful, barely legal and nubile teen babe with her own website. While there may be thousands of these girls out there the geniuses at Babes Bank (who operate the site and others) sure know how to pick them. Like some of their other models, Abigail is an absolute bombshell and has a very nice set of round tits, a bubble butt and a very agreeable disposition when it comes to stripping her clothes off for strangers.

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Abigail 18

Intro promises:
Abigail 18 stars a sexy and fully legal teen that loves to get naked in movies and photos. While I think her dark hair and eyes and Euro babe features make her a stunning beauty, I wasn’t able to take my eyes of her ripe, round breasts the entire time I was at this site. Her tits are natural and sit heavy on her very petite and skinny frame, two oversized plump mounds of pale flesh, topped with generously round pink nipples that point up in defiance of gravity. When she sheds a bra, a t-shirt, or laughs with her shirt off these plump breasts respond with delightful jiggles and bounces. She does more than show her tits, though. Abigail is also happy to peel off her cotton panties and show you her naked ass or tight shaved pussy. Sometimes she lets her naked girlfriends bend her over a slide down the panties to her ankles. There is soft lesbian content, masturbation and lots of shower and bath scenes to enjoy as well.

At the time of this review there are currently 24 movies online. Some of these have rather recent timestamps though I’m not convinced it is new content. The content numbers are actually down from my visit a few months ago. Perhaps they are still updating but I think it might just be the revolving of content. Regardless of which is the case, you can download these movies or stream them in a good quality Windows Media format. They are short, often running less than 5 minutes from start to finish. There are also 68 photo galleries to browse through. Each contains a variation of the content you can find in the movies - - namely stripping, teasing, licking and toying with her gal pals. Each gallery has a set of 75 or more high-res pictures that you can leaf through online. Each is large and crisp with colors and details.

As a member of Abigail 18 you get access to 5 bonus sites at no cost. These are other sexy nubiles like Lovely Tera, Lovely Anne, Erica’s Fantasies, Lovely Irene and Jenny Reid. Each girl is an absolute goddess and all of them together and naked is a really sweet treat. Though the site isn’t perfect I think fans will still find it worth joining.

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