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Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty

Review date: 8-Jul-2014 19:06. If you like being roughed up by beautiful women and most other femdom sites just don’t do it for you, check out Absolute Cruelty here. Not only it’s brand new, exclusive, and very real in every possible aspect. It also got style of its own, taking guys to a fitness club locker room for mean, crazy sessions. It’s dark, fun and high class at the same time, in other words, a real can’t-miss!

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Absolute Cruelty

Intro promises:
If you got a taste for femdom sites, good days are still here for you. We’ve reviewed Joclyn’s Garage at My Sex Porn a couple of days ago, and it was a great femdom site for sure. Now it’s time to go deeper, and our today’s gem up for review is Absolute Cruelty. Not only it’s brand new, it’s also very convincing, engaging, and toe-curling, too. When you are dealing with a subject so subtle and special which femdom totally is, one wrong move, one faked sequence, and you’re deep in the crappy sites category. Absolute Cruelty looks like a very different case. Coming from Cash Kaboom, a very reputable fetish porn company, the site is just different. Check the tour to find out more, these guys just laid out the facts, plain and simple. We gotta say, it really helps. The simple, somewhat dark design contains a few video trailers, lots of episode previews, and site facts comparing Absolute Cruelty to less sophisticated niche sites. Check out this catchy red table, really well put, and if all of these things are true, we’re in for a great experience here. Absolute Cruelty is all about good-looking, strong, seemingly confident men who end up broken, humiliated and abused by power-obsessed ladies in a gym locker room. This is really an unusual location, and the white background seems to make all the verbal abuse, spitting, bondage, CBT and what not even more intense!

Absolute Cruelty sure got style. As they so succinctly put it in the tour, why set it all in a faux dungeon, read disused brothel, when you can have the entire thing in a female changing room, a place where guys would be uneasy from the start? This detail reflects the entire Absolute Cruelty approach perfectly. Instead of doing cookie cutter stuff, these people try new things and make sure everything is as real as it can possibly be. We loved almost every episode inside Absolute Cruelty; these run for 15-20 minutes and come as a choice of video files plus a photo gallery with over 200 high resolution images. The plots usually revolve around big, strong, self-confident (and a bit silly) guys coming to the girls locker room in the mood for some playing – and ending up broken, tied up, spanked, and told to cum at the lowest point they could only sink to. These men really underestimate the Mistresses they are dealing with, and as the femdom drama unfolds right in front of you, you won’t be able to move, really. Watching strong, ripped men lose control and end up as helpless sex toys, humiliation objects and sobbing servants for classy, gorgeous ladies is just too much fun. The white background of the locker room emphasizes the action, and all in all Absolute Cruelty really creates a very different experience. If you like arrogant jocks smothered and subdued, don’t miss it!

Absolute Cruelty totally enslaved our soul here. The site blends very authentic, highly believable femdom sequences with real Dommes doing their thing – with a very peculiar shooting style and location. If you hate the glammed up look most femdom sites have these days, Absolute Cruelty will please you with its underground style and rough, unfaked action which leaves the biggest and the strongest guys red, swollen and grunting. Just lovely!

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