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Absolute Kim

Absolute Kim

Review date: 8-Aug-2017 06:05. Absolute Kim takes you into a world of mature female domination and swinger relations. For a very reasonable price of $19.95, you get taken into Kim's kinky lifestyle. This website is far more than a place to get pornography. Within its doors, you really get to know the woman and experience her from every angle.

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Absolute Kim

Intro promises:
Kim has a great imagination and fantastic video equipment so she can share it with you. There are thousands of photo and video galleries of her abusing her male slaves. Without a doubt, this remarkably evil woman is not an actress. One glimpse of her hardcore ass-licking scenes (in which she tongues her slaves with no holds barred) will convince you how dedicated she is to her craft. With Absolute Kim, you'll never be bored. She updates her site many times a week, always in a creative and awe inspiring fashion.

Besides the immense amount of visual stimulation, I personally enjoyed getting a true glimpse into her life. Her journal has real entries, they express her thoughts ' pornographic or not. She also treats her members well with interactive polls and contests. Throughout her site, she features writings, art, and other gifts given to her by her virtual and real life slaves. Beyond that, she features erotic stories and a 'Slave's Cage,' a collaboration of works pertaining to many aspects of the Femdom lifestyle. This is a great blend of a personal and extremely hardcore site. Furthermore, Mistress Kim hooked herself up with some other outrageous fetish sites in the biz. That means that for $19.95 you not only get an extremely close look into Kim's life' you also get to see a good number of other sites for no extra cost. Between all the extremely personal sites in this small network, a member gets multiple site updates every day.

In conclusion, if you are a surfer that's interested in experiencing a real Dom/Sub lifestyle, Kim at Absolute Kim will lead you well on your way. Let her take your hand and show you the true path of kink with class!

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