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Absolute Pornstars

Absolute Pornstars

Review date: 13-Jun-2016 11:36. Who’s your favorite pornstar? Do you like the girls with big tits and plump lips? Do you like the chicks that seem a little more innocent and sweet but then turn naughty when in the presence of a hard cock? There are lots of hot famous pornstars working in the business and they all relish the chance to suck and fuck on camera and earn your attention.

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Absolute Pornstars

Intro promises:
The site concentrates on finding pornstars to put in the member’s area. They want only the hottest and most popular babes so you’ll always be thrilled with the content. It looks like this is a DVD download site that’s being marketed in a flashier way but if they’ve gone to the trouble of organizing everything by pornstar it’s actually going to be pretty awesome because sites like that are a little harder to find. That’s especially true if this one turns out to be well organized.

When you jump inside things look a little cluttered. They cram all sorts of stuff on the main page like the pornstar of the month, the last seven updates, the top pornstars and information on the most recent DVDs added. The problem is that it isn’t very well segmented. Luckily you don’t need to spend any time on the main page. You can skip right to the A-Z list of pornstars. Pick a letter and then hope that your favorite babe is featured. You can also use the search function to find someone specific. As suspected this is essentially a DVD download site with several picture galleries thrown in. They have several hundred pornstars to check out and they’re pretty much all the big hitters. The most famous babes in the business are here (excluding Jenna Jameson) and they’re all at their peak performance ability. These girls made it to the level of pornstar for a reason. They are really good at what they do and that includes getting you off so you just have to give them a chance. The videos at Absolute Pornstars can be downloaded in a DVD quality WMV and a 320x240 WMV. They also have an AVI file at 640x480 and a low quality MPEG. They certainly give you options. If you play the videos online it’s just an embedded Windows Media Player and it’s not worth the time or headache. I wish they had provided some way to browse the picture galleries and videos separately because you never really know what you’re going to get when you click on a pornstar’s face. I was looking forward to watching a Rachel Roxxx movie but all she had was one image set. The problem with Absolute Pornstars is that they don’t have very much content. There are 44 DVDs they’ve gotten the licenses to or added or however they do it. That means you’re looking at roughly 175 scenes to download, which means that a whole bunch of the pornstars here have no videos at all. The picture galleries aren’t exclusive and neither are the videos. That all adds up to them charging too much money for a membership. $39.95 is a stretch for membership to a fairly small site.

Absolute Pornstars looks really good on the tour. They have beautiful pictures and preview videos for you and they try their best to get your blood flowing. They do a good job and then you get inside and realize that it’s a DVD download site with a bunch of non-exclusive picture galleries thrown in. That wouldn’t be so bad but they only have 44 DVDs and the image collection isn’t as big as you would want. Since everything is non-exclusive they really have no business charging you $40/month to be a member. They should have knocked $15 off that to make the site a worthy membership. If you really love pornstars you can find better content elsewhere and for less money.

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