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Absolutely Male

Absolutely Male

Review date: 27-Nov-2016 06:41. Watch as hot solo males and couples heat up the screen in hardcore video action. There is actually not too much to the Absolutely Male tour. On the homepage, you can click a link to the tour, but there are no photo samples or video preview trailers. What you do get is a lot of text telling you what comes with your membership. Once clicking on the free tour, you will be taken first to a page telling you about live shows.

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Absolutely Male

Intro promises:
Despite that the tour does not offer a lot in the way of sampling, the Absolutely Male member area offers a hell of a lot of hot male content. The problem is that most of the content is 3rd party leased material. There is a huge amount of leased photo content on Absolutely Male. Photo galleries are arranged by categories, and just about every niche is covered: Hunks, Teens, Interracial, Classic, Uniforms and even Armpit fetish. It is impossible to actually tell you how many photos exist on Absolutely Male, but it easily reaches the 10,000 mark. All categories are divided into photo galleries. There are 22 Absolutely Male photo galleries, which are further divided into volumes, each including approximately 37 - 60 photos. Volumes average about 2 – 3 pages, with 25 photos per page. There are 40 Videos and Webcam sites for members to access. Titles include American Jack-Off, Harlem Homeboys, and Cock Loving Cowboys. In addition, you have access to Online Magazines, Cartoons, Erotic Stories, Phone Chat and Personals. Some of the online magazines include Guyberfold Mag and Rainbow E-zine.

Photos on Absolutely male are high quality. While there was the occaissional photo that did not meet the standards of the site, poor quality images were rare on this site, even with the leased categories. Photos range between a small 57kb to larger 131kb size. Absolutely Male video content can all be downloaded as MPEGs. You have a choice between streaming and downloading with dial-up (56K) or broadband (358K+). All videos have full screen capabilities, and can be viewed in a variety of formats depending on the 3rd party site. You will need Real Player, QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Some of these sites are not compatible with Netscape. Quality of 3rd Party streaming videos will depend on whether you have a lowspeed dial-up, or highspeed DSL or cable. The streams are not the best quality in the world, but you will be able to view all the action, even if sometimes the resolution is not up to par. One thing you won’t miss out on is the sound of a cock being sipped between another guys lips. God, I love sound! There are over 50 webcams available to check in on. All webcams are distributed across approximately 6 sites including Hung Studs and Castle Boys Live. A lot of the content on Absolutely Male is leased 3rd party material, and none of this content is exclusive. I don’t find anything particularly original in the site premise. Absolutely Male offers mainstream gay porn, and divides the content into niche categories like twinks, that are fairly common. Solo and couple photos are professional for the most part, and conventional. The movies are pretty much the same suck and fuck with no real twist apart from a hand job. Content on Absolutely Male is updated weekly. The site does not specify what kind of content is updated, but I am certain that it is not the 3rd party video. What Absolutely Male does offer is an area where you can find recent updates. In the top menu bar, selecting updates with link you to the new content that was added to the site. New photos appear to be added fairly regularly. In my opinion, the Absolutely Male homepage was a mess of text and banners that gave me the impression that the site was not going to contain a lot of custom content. Having viewed enough sites, it always seems to be the way that the more promo on the introductory page, the more 3rd party content is inside. I was not wrong. What I was wrong about was forecasting the member page. With such a busy homepage, I thought I would find an equally congested site. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot of space between banners and thumbnail photo layouts were well organized. Fonts were attractive, and the design combination of golds and browns on black gave Absolutely Male a higher quality impression than I was initially led to believe. All areas are well marked and easy to follow. Thirty bucks is not a lot to pay for a porn site in my opinion, but I would prefer that with my payment, I am guaranteed to receive at least some custom hardcore movies that I can download or at the very least stream. Unfortunately, Absolutely Male offers what seems to me, more 3rd party content than anything else. It makes the price seem a bit high to me. There is a lot of content mind you. However, the content is available on many sites that I have seen, and for me, I would rather look around for quality and reliability of updates than pay for a site where quantity is more important. At least video quantity. Absolutely Male photos are high quality and professional, and this seems to be where most of their custom content comes from. The site, for what it offers, should be cheaper in my opinion.

Whatever your taste in sex, you are bound to find something here. Well, ok, not really heavy bondage, but definitely conventional gay niche, and lots of it. I surfed around quite a bit, looking for a guy that really appealed, and what I found instead was an interracial couple. A burly white hunk with a big cock and a rippling chest of hair, and a small, almost hairless Asian who grabbed hold of that dick, licking the shaft, sipping on the head, and shoving it over his tongue to the back of his throat. He couldn’t get enough, and I couldn’t get off any sooner! Blowjobs are hot, what can I say. While the site has more 3rd party content than I prefer, the content that does exist is all hot, and you will definitely want to grab your cock and get in on the Absolutely Male action.

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