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Absolutely Redheads

Absolutely Redheads

Review date: 2-Jan-2017 05:04. LUCY, YOU GOT SOME FUCKING TO DO!! Absolutely Redheads is the number one website for hotties with burning red hair that can make you see red when you see what's in their panties! There's something about red---it's fuckable! The blondes and brunettes don't get to have all the good cock!

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Absolutely Redheads

Intro promises:
Thousands of high quality pictures, hours and hours of full length redhead movies ready for your computer, a load of bonuses and even live redhead honeys ready to talk to you 24/7! Wouldn't you like to know what it would be like if Richard Gere had just fucked the shit out of Julia Roberts like the whore she was in Pretty Woman? Absolutely Redheads gives you the chance to see just that! Hot redheads showing they can give just as good as the blonde bimbos and the brunette bangers!

These are the most fiery redheads in porn! You won't see Lucy and Pippi getting fucked and showing off their pretty rosebuds, but you can find more than a couple of ready reds that know how to throw down! Katrina has that woodland creature look, and if Frodo Baggins had found this nympho on the way to Mordor, he would've forgotten about the ring in his pocket and put his cock into Katrina's wet ring! Punk redhead Anika X likes to show how much she loves her own pussy! She can't keep from flashing her hairless box at the camera, and she can't keep her hand from tickling it. Tracee likes the tall, dark-haired and handsome bad boys. She has to have a stud in her photoshoot, and not just in the camera frame, but balls deep in her ass! She lets her hunk get to the bottom of her wild irish rose. Molly Ringwald would be proud to see what's she's done for redheads! She opened the world to them and they opened their legs for a good piece of dick! Redhead babe Emily starts sucking off two stallions in her session before they take over every hole from her mouth down! While she bounces her tiny asshole on one cock, the other is darting in and out of her mouth. Then Emily gets it in her cunt and her ass at the same time, and Ryan and Thomas can't seem to get enough! Maybe they'd never had a redhead before. She's giving up pussy and ass no blonde or brunette ever could! The hottest redhead you'll ever find, Wendy Divine, likes to play with you until you're ready to pop. Wendy shows off every hole she needs cocked out, and then takes out a huge dildo to show the right size you'll need to get it done. This redhead knows what she wants and spreads her legs to get it! In A Taste of Torment, Kelly O'Dell learns a lesson about being a bad redhead chick with good cunt. She takes a good spanking from a brunette who can't help but see what has all the men leaking for the red girls. Bondage has never been so much fun! Next up in Big Sticky Tits, Luna gets a good chunk of tongue and then cock from her guy. His tongue is the first thing to taste red pussy, and then his cock gets to fuck after he's been out doing brunettes for so long. Fred Flintstone never fucked Wilma this good! Pornstar Tryouts, Banged Babysitters, Co-ed Fuck Tour---you can't stick with just one site! Who does that anymore! Absolutely Redheads gives you more than just the scarlet fantasy. You can get off to any site you feel like!

Blondes and Brunettes not hot enough for you? Absolutely Redheads is red hot, with cute redhead teenage girls, sexy Peggy Bundy housewives, and the hottest redheads in porn! Log on to watch the red and get off a thick white load!

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