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Abused GF

Abused GF

Review date: 12-Jun-2016 13:57. Some girls just like it rough, you know? Throat sore from cock, swollen pussy, cum and spit everywhere, this sort of thing. Abused Gf here specializes in home-made footage which borders on the extreme a bit. Or not just a bit? Well, looks like it’s for you to find out. This all-amateur site is a perfect choice for those who think regular gf porn lacks a certain nasty edge. See now!

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Abused GF

Intro promises:
Now, we all love ourselves a bit of home-grown pornography. Sex tapes and naughty pictorials with girlfriends boned at home (or not exactly at home) have become so common we have started to get bored a bit. Looks like it’s time for Abused Gf! The site takes the familiar concept of home-grown fuck films and takes it to a very new level. The kind of level where throats hurt from blowjobs, cum shoots straight in the eyes and innocent-looking white babes are stabbed with mean black dick. In other words, Abused Gf is a site focusing on home-made gf porn with something extreme to it. Extreme, messy, out of the ordinary, dirty, exotic, call it what you will. What we’re sure about is that the site provides the much-needed change to all the other gf-themed sites, which, you know, kinda feel a bit too vanilla. Really, fuck this boring shit. Who wants to see topless girls and makeout sessions when you can watch sluts sobbing from brutal facefucking and enjoy innocent white girls plowed in the ass by black giants? This is the kind of stuff Abused Gf is about – see the tour to check the samples of their content. The site looks plain and simple like most other gf sites. But as with most of them, it’s not about the looks, it’s about the crazy sexual shit taking place inside!

Whoa! You better be ready for some wild shit here. Abused Gf has everything you have been missing when checking out other homemade and leaked sex tapes sites. Big mean dicks, extreme facials and cumshots, rough interracial fucking, pulling hair, grabbing that tit or ass, painful anal, you know, this sort of thing. The interracial part here is especially interesting. Turns out lots of big ripped tattooed black dudes enjoy filming white sluts sucking on their huge boners! From interracial all the way to extreme anal and a bit of kinky stuff and spanking, Abused Gf keeps you entertained with video episodes most other sites wouldn’t probably show. The site has a very simple, even primitive design, but who cares? You can watch the videos online and download them to your computer, who really needs anything else? Abused Gf is quite a big site already, with hundreds of episodes, longer and shorter, ready to be enjoyed. If you’re into gf porn and have been lacking kicks and thrills, Abused Gf could very well be the answer. Just make sure you don’t have volume turned up too loud, these bitches moan and groan so much your neighbors may end up calling the cops! Abused Gf is a fun, unpretentious site with enough variety and extreme homemade porn to keep you entertained for weeks. Start downloading now and get back tomorrow for more, they update really often.

Abused Gf is all about these girlfriends who enjoy being roughed up and fucked extra hard. From interracial all the way to extreme anal and spanking, this site has the whole range of stuff. The interface is your usual gf site while the content actually stands out of the crowd. Get ready for some really nasty fuck flicks you won’t believe people like you or us made at home. But hey, these sluts were asking for it, and now, with makeup and cum smeared all over their faces, they’re fucking happy!

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