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Aces Bedroom

Aces Bedroom

Review date: 4-Dec-2016 08:21. Where else but on the web, can you get an intimate invitation like Ace's Bedroom! Ace is an 18 year old gay male who seems to enjoy sharing his private life with his web members. If you're into gay sex and you don't mind a smooth horny who can't seem to get enough of his young fuck buddies, there's a good chance you'll get a twitch (or more) from this site.

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Aces Bedroom

Intro promises:
This is as amateur as gay sites get, but unlike many other twink and young gay male memberships, I found that Ace has put up enough content to merit a visit. The site is relatively new and, while it could use more galleries, from checking out the members' area, it looks like the updates are regular and at the rate Ace picks up his bum buddies, that should not be a problem for long. Ace is a smooth toned stud with a shaved head (with that 5pm shadow bald head look) and his young dick is big enough to inspire some hot fantasies. His balls are shaved totally smooth and his pubes are trimmed short like his goatee.

Impression: At this time, videos and screen captures from the video episodes are the main offering. The site is very nicely arranged so either Ace is a web geek too, or he has fucked his way to a great membership design. Either way, getting around his episodes and clips is easy and straight forward. With a lucky 13 episodes to start with, you get a pretty good sense of just how horny this young stud can be. It does not take much for Ace to get totally hard and his dick is fully equipped with an ass seeking sensor! His fuck friends always get a healthy injection of his man meat and it's always inspiring to see a fully erect young guy with a big cock up his ass. But it's not all just fucking around in Ace's Bedroom. This guy has his romantic moments as well. He can be very tender and sweet with his young boyfriends - but the ending to these interludes does have a common finale. From some sweet kissing on the lips to dick swallowing and cock riding - I wonder if he has a revolving door on his bedroom! The screenshots from the videos are pretty good at 720x480 pixels and the videos can be streamed in broadband, dsl/cable, and dial up speeds. When Ace is on his own, he prefers to pull out his favorite sex toy and watch some porn. While I could not tell if the porn was making him hard or the toy up his ass, he seemed to have a good time of it and cum never lies!

It will cost you $29.95 for 30 days entrance to Ace's bedroom ($72.00 for 90 days) and in addition to the video and screenshot galleries, there is a growing video blog section for members with promise of real photo galleries cumming soon. This is one of the more friendly hangouts I've checked out in a while and one of the nice things about porn on the web is that you don't have to climb any stairs to get into the most private places - click on Ace's Bedroom to find out!

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