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Active Girls Toys

Active Girls Toys

Review date: 19-Jun-2016 11:28. Teen babes get horny and use toys, veggies, fingers, or whatever else they can fit into their pussies to take care of their needs...

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Active Girls Toys

Intro promises:
Active Girls Toy promises to deliver hot teen girls age 18-20 getting themselves off with dildos, vibrators, toys, fruit, vegetables, or whatever they can get their hands on. The tour shows one girl using an 18 inch cucumber. Another girl has a small dildo in her ass and a bigger one in her pussy. One chick throats a banana while another uses it to fuck herself. It looks like these girls need to cum so bad that they will use whatever they can find to get themselves off. The tour promises three updates a week and some exclusive content inside the site. As a bonus you also get full access to 13 other sites when you join this one.

When I went to the video section the roles almost reverse. The action is hotter, but the girls are less hot and the overall quality of the videos does not stand out as much as the quality of the pics did. Most of the videos are broken down into smaller clips that are 3-4 minutes long. They are in AVI format and are still a little bit large at around 16-18mb each so those on dial-up may have a little bit of a wait when they download them. The upside of that is that you can download them to your computer so once you see them you don't have to wait for them to download again. The girls in these videos, for the most part, seem to be really into what they are doing, but there are a couple of glaring exceptions. There were a few videos where you can hear someone talking and flashes going off as the action was going. So the girl would stop and pose and they would snap some pics then she would continue on. This annoys me. If I want to watch a porn movie I want to see a chick hammering herself with toy and making herself cum. If I want to watch a movie about the behind the scenes action of a photo shoot I'll watch some stupid show on TV. If they need a photo shoot at the same time, they should either just let the action go and shoot as they can or do that separately, but by doing both at the same time the ruin the energy of the movie. Overall there is only what I would call a marginal amount of content on this site. There are only 22 video sets each with 2-3 movies that are 3-4 minutes long each. The pictures are nice and look good, but there really are not that many as compared to other sites I have scene. The bonus content does help out a lot. There is a "video theatre" and "live chat" area. Both are throw away because they are pay per view. But you do get full access to 13 other sites and the member's area of this site does a good job explaining what those sites are and what they have in them. These bonus sites cover the hardcore, mature, bondage, fetish, peeing, anime and teen niches. Some of them are really good and others are just okay, but when you add them together with this site they make a pretty nice package deal.

This is what I would call an average toy site. It does focus on the teen area which will be a draw to some and not to others. One thing I feel I must tell you is that the girls in this site are all Russian. At least the ones that talk in their videos. It didn't bother me because there is no story or setup to follow, but to some that may be an annoyance. There is some good photo content here and what video content is there is okay. It's nothing great, but it's not a bad site either. When you add in the bonus content and the fact that you can sample it all for $5 I would say it's worth a look to those that have a wide ranging interest in many porn niches.

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