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Adult Games Center

Adult Games Center

Review date: 15-Aug-2017 09:03. It’s bloody 2011, time to get at least some interactivity in your smut, right? If you like hentai, at least a bit, and you are turned on by the idea of being in control of what happens, check out Adult Game Center. The site blends the entire Flash game thing with sizzling hot hentai content in a way which will make you spend days inside this very special place.

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Adult Games Center

Intro promises:
If you’ve been looking for a way to get the thrill of discovery again because all, or let’s safely say most, adult sites are boring and unoriginal, well, at Adult Game Center you can get this thrill twice. Even if you have never actually registered hentai on your porn radar before, we are of the opinion that you should check this stuff out. We mean, you know what playing quest or RPG games is like, right? You should also know hentai and manga are all about super hot large-eyed girls who basically get all kinds of hot and pervy stuff done to them. Now, imagine you are the one who does this stuff to them – at least symbolically. Sounds sexy, huh? The site is literally only a few days old and the entire concept sounds really special to us. Hence, we just had to explore every corner of this welcoming place. See the site’s free area which is all flashy and glossy offering an animated catalog of the Flash games available in the member area. It’s all pretty-looking and cool and animated and there are descriptions of games – nice! Designed to resemble a magazine, this free tour area really stands out of all the tour areas we’ve seen recently. In fact, it starts building the site experience right away. You get to see a lot of cool sexy stuff, you get to read the game descriptions, and you find out about the genres – which are BDSM, bakunyuu (Japanese term for super huge boobs), hentai, and even more than that.

It was almost impossible not to get inside Adult Game Center’s members area. After all, it’s not every day that we see this kind of stuff! So, you ready to be in control as jaw-dropping hentai and manga sex adventures unfold? The site was launched for the public only recently but apparently these guys have a history of updates going back to mid 2010. The member area is Flash-powered and even though it obviously carries plenty of heavy graphics, it loads fast and is never slow as you browse it. Right now, there are over 30 Flash-based games here, all split into categories like BDSM, hentai, bukkake, and a few others which you won’t want to miss. All the games are listed either in one bunch or on the category pages, with preview images and descriptions for each. The games also have names, sometimes pretty nasty. In a nutshell, it all boils down to this. The games feature a certain situation from a hentai or manga video where interactivity has been added to give you control over the story. Of course it’s not like you’re playing a first person shooter. You get to choose stuff at certain turning points and you get to choose from pre-defined sets of actions, words, or sex toys. Still, with super sexy characters, kinky plots, eye-candy animation and all, you are just dragged into the story – and it totally gives you a massive boner. Different games cover different fantasies, and you’ll love browsing it all.

Adult Game Center is a fresh and cool change in the world of adult entertainment. The site brings the sexual tension and the action-packed plots of hentai films into the world of Flash games where you get to choose what the characters (mostly male) do – and boy they do a lot of naughty stuff. It feels great to be able to choose, especially when it comes to sex-packed hentai stories. The list of categories includes some really great niches and the site already offers plenty of variety. We will love to see the site grow and add more games which let you enjoy naughty hentai and manga stories as never before.

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