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Adult Land

Adult Land

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 08:17. With a name like Adult Land, you’d expect some vagueness: it sounds like the name of a porn superstore. And indeed, that’s essentially how the site presents itself: on the front page, there are six photo feeds, six video feeds, and six live feeds to choose from, plus a toolbar across the top of the page (huh huh, she said ‘tool’) that ostensibly leads you to more. Where to start? Well, I’m a fan of movies. So I clicked on Videos.

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Adult Land

Intro promises:
The first video feed assured me that Alexis is on fire. Being something of a pyro, and always up for something new and strange, I took a look. The logo is the only thing in flames, as expected. But the subtitle promises something even more interesting: The Net’s Only Erotic Lactating Contortionist. Hm! It makes me deeply question how many adjectives one needs these days to be called the “only” anything on the net. The videos here are interesting; Alexis twists herself into various positions, licks her own calves, and moans fetchingly, all in a tiny two-inch by one and a half-inch screen. And for some reason, there are typing noises in the aural foreground.

Feature films, a collection of full-length film feeds from top-level video companies like Wicked and Adam & Eve. Decent quality, playable in Real or Windows Media, and still tiny. More hardcore movies, hardcore videos, all streaming in Real or Windows Media, the full-screen button doing absolutely nothing to make them larger than two by one and a half. Jenna Maxxx. Mila, Queen of Nasty. Movie of the week, in glorious three-by-four inches and pixilated streaming. Behind the Scenes with all of your favorite pornstars – as soon as you get through clicking the zillion different settings into place – and then it’s simply a series of pinup photo shoots with banal voice-over and bad music. And live chat rooms – that lead you to pages asking you to lay out more money. Naked News and KSEX Radio are available from this site as well – though they require you to enter your username and password repeatedly, and crash Explorer as often as not.

Mainly, AdultLand is a portal for a whole bunch of porn you’ve probably seen elsewhere. It may stream properly (if in a small size) and may crash halfway through, or may simply look like crap. It’s pretty expensive, at $49.95 a month, but it has so much content that it could keep your hand busy for a lifetime. Yet none of the content is original, which makes for few surprises and no personal touches. If it’s quantity, not quality, you’re after, and if you have time to skip around and press buttons for a while, browsing for what you like – in short, if you’re a constant porn window-shopper – then this site might serve your needs.

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