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Affairs Club

Affairs Club

Review date: 24-Dec-2017 05:02. Although AffairsClub hasn't been on the dating market for too long, there are already nearly half a million active members. With thousands of people joining every day, AffairsClub is threatening to take the leading position when it comes to married dating.

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Affairs Club

Intro promises:
So, if you're into mature women and aren't seeking for anything serious, AffairsClub is the perfect place, because all the women here are looking for some fun while their husbands are out of town. AffairsClub was targeting the U.S. at first, but it has spread across the ocean and now has thousands of members in different countries worldwide. You can explore AffairsClub completely free of charge, so why not do it today? You can see for yourself what kind of things are featured on this cool site, and most important, get to see the girls. As a free member, you can still perform a fast search and see how many lonely married women are there in your area, and you can look at their profile pictures and pick the hottest to put on your hotlist and save them for later. AffairsClub was first supposed to be a dating site for lonely American wives, but as it grew bigger, there were people joining from all parts of the world. As of today, there are roughly 55% members from the territory of the U.S. and Canada, and the rest goes to Europe (35%) and Asia (10%). So, if you're not from the U.S. or Canada, there is still a pretty good chance to get to know a hot wife, so make sure you browse listings by your country and see how many members are there.

Since it's gone international, AffairsClub is trying to make sure that everyone feels at home here. For the members whose native language isn't English, there are 5 other languages to pick from, so it's easier for you to find your way around. You can choose French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and there are several other languages in the process of upgrading. This awesome feature makes AffairsClub stand out from similar adult dating websites. If you have a webcam, you can easily record an introduction video to say a bit more about yourself. This basically means that girls are trying to show off their bodies in a clip of an average 3 minutes. Watching members' videos makes it easier for you to make your pick, and is much more interesting than just reading the profiles, so make sure you check this section out. There is a special deal for all the people that show some faith in AffairsClub and subscribe not for one, but three months. If you get the gold membership, you'll gain unlimited access to all the site's features, including some pretty hot porn videos, but most importantly, your profile will get viewed 5 times more than average. The secret is in the fact that gold members are the first to appear on members search list, and this guarantees you'll get maximum attention. If you get the 3 month deal, you receive a one month bonus, so you're getting 4 months of gold membership for the price of 3! Don't miss this opportunity, this site is really worth sticking around! Even though AffairsClub is a new website, its design isn't really contemporary at all. While they were aiming at making the place as simple as possible and all the features at your disposal, they made the design too minimal. A couple of hot pics here and there would add the flavor, and maybe some flash animations would help keep up with the competition. On the plus side, the site is working pretty fast, thanks to the minimalistic design.

I'm predicting a great future for AffairsClub, not only in the U.S. and Canada, but worldwide. Seems like the users have recognized the great potential this place has, so that' why they're joining in thousands and helping the place grow. So, if you're looking for a discreet and fast way to have an affair with a married woman, look no further. Join AffairsClub today and start meeting hot wives. Don't forget to upgrade to a 3 month gold plan and get that 4th month free of charge!

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