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African Sex Slaves

African Sex Slaves

Review date: 9-Mar-2017 07:21. A lot of crazy shit goes down in Africa. We all knew that. A lot of crazy sexual shit goes down in Africa as well, and we feel like it’s a subject you would have some interest in. Let’s take a close look at African Sex Slaves, a basic-looking yet very original new site that has footage of all the craziest sexual exploits in Africa.

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African Sex Slaves

Intro promises:
We always knew things were not perfect in Africa, but damn. We had no idea so much insane sexual shit was going down there. But we guess it’s only natural, with all the other controversial stuff going on. It just had to go to sex territories at some point. So here’s this brand new site we want you to take a look at. It’s called African Sex Slaves, and don’t think that the super basic look translates to boring uninteresting content. In fact, in this case, it’s exactly the opposite. This has to be one of the craziest sites we have seen this year so far. Probably even the craziest. African Sex Slaves, as the name might suggest, documents the adventures of unfortunate local women who end up in the hands of this group of perverts. They make the hapless women go through all kinds of fucked up shit, from getting locked up in cages, corporal punishment and having to wear SM gear to rough inspections, extreme sex, gangbangs, indecent exposure, and like tons of other stuff. Crazy, isn’t it? The tour area almost as controversial as the subject matter itself, haha. A very basic look, to say the list, barely any design at all. But this is the underground shit, people. This is what sites looked like when they were made not by corporations but by sex freaks like you and us.

So don’t pay that much attention to the way it looks. This is the real underground deal, so actually the worse it looks, the better. This is how you know these people spent all their time and money making this crazy ass content, not on some boring designer’s fee. African Sex Slaves is a bit random and unstructured, too. Not one of those fancy sites with all these bells and whistles. Don’t expect this site to kiss your ass as you browse around, so to speak. The content, however, is really interesting. It’s a pretty unusual blend of ethnic African porn with some really hardcore SM and rough sex stuff. You never know what’s going to happen next. These local bitches don’t know either, it’s always a surprise. The people behind it all have quite a vivid imagination, and they have the resources to make all these ideas come to life. So all the girls are local black African, of course. The men, too, or at least most of them. From SM-inspired experiments to humiliating hardcore sex, brutal facefucking, gangbangs and other more hardcore stuff, African Sex Slaves just gives you the most batshit crazy stuff Africa has going on. The site has hundreds of videos that run about 20 to 30 minutes each. Everything is gritty, raw, and unpolished, but start watching and you’ll be beating off in no time!

African Sex Slaves is all about domination and subjugation. Just look at these poor local African bitches unable to resist. Bound, fucked, punished, tortured, humiliated in public, they actually start enjoying it all in a bit. Lots of fat African asses, big local bushes and giant black jugs. So don’t miss out, African Sex Slaves is definitely a special place for the porn gourmet! Take a look at the tour and get an account with African Sex Slaves today.

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