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Alexis Golden

Alexis Golden

Review date: 1-Jul-2017 08:09. Now here is just the kind of girl you can bring home to meet your mother - if your mom's a slut! There simply is no better way to introduce this site than by the name itself. So without further delay, here is Anal Whore Alexis Golden! I'd really love to see her resume. I wonder if she really puts that on her job apps. Actually, I do know.

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Alexis Golden

Intro promises:
Alexis comes from the corporate world and a long time ago, she made a very conscious choice to trade in her white collar job for a career as a porn star. Fortunately, this hot chick realized that to make it in the adult biz, you need to have some special traits which go above and beyond (and below) the competition. And the anal whoring star of this site has more than just one trademark skill! Alexis describes herself as an oral person. From the entries in her members' area, I would concur with her self diagnosis. But having a need for pussy and cock on her lips is just the tip of her sexual addickshun. Not only does Alexis crave to be sucking on long fat cocks or plump shaved pussies, she has a bumhole with a hunger for anal penetration.

Anal sex sites are a dime a dozen on the web, but what makes Alexis a bonerfide anal whore is her genuine desire to be FUCKED up the ass and to fuck WITH her ass. Many of the other anal sex sites do go through the technical motions of dinkees in poop chutes, but that's just PENETRATION. Alexis takes bum sex to a whole new level. Once a cock is jammed up her ass, she does not let it go until SHE's done with it. Imagine having your dick trapped in an anal addict's bumhole and rectally milked until you have no more to give. Well, if you sign up as a member, you won't have to imagine! And her bum fucking conquests are just another part of a bigger hole! She loves to get it on with more than one guy at the same time. The only prerequisite is that all the cocks involved have to be so big that the viewers will squirm even before she manages to work them into her throbbing orifices. So would it surprise you that this anal whore and huge cock slut is totally in love with black monster cocks? As much as most white guys hate to admit it, black dudes typically, do have more dangerous dicks and if you care to dispute that, again, I will defer you to the members' area where you can watch flicks and pics of the aforementioned. There are 22 dirty photo galleries to peruse and at 800x600 resolution, there is enough detail to make that case that Alexis is at least very horny. But, you only have to check out a few of the 45 video galleries to know beyond any doubt that Alexis IS a slut! The videos stream or can be downloaded for Windows Media Player. The shows are presented as whole movies, but she gets into the action right from the start, so you don't have to worry about waiting for the filler to pass.

$24.95 will give you 30 days to discover all that makes Alexis the whore she clams to be, but for $59.00 you can take 90 days to see that Anal Whore Alexis Golden is the real thing!

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