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All About Satin

All About Satin

Review date: 2-Jan-2017 05:38. is a site that caters to viewers who really love to see women wearing satin outfits. The models on the site are amateur models. The models are young adults who look extremely hot and sexy in their satin outfits. The models wear smooth and silky satin dresses, satin slips, satin lingerie, sexy satin bras, sexy satin panties, satin g-strings, satin tank tops, satin t-shirts, satin overshirts, satin nightgowns, and satin robes.

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All About Satin

Intro promises:
The site is totally aimed at people who really appreciate and truly love satin. The site promises to allow the user to see hot and sexy young adult women wearing nothing but smooth and silky satin outfits. The tour will allow the user to see some of the sexy models that will be featured in the site.

The members area is designed for the user to be able to easily navigate through it. The user is should have no problem being able to click on one model at a time and one picture at a time. It is extremely easy to use. The content of this site is mainly softcore in nature. The pictures that are featured in this site show the women wearing sexy satin outfits and it shows them modeling in them as well. Some of the pictures show the women playfully playing with themselves while they are wearing or slowly taking off the satin outfits. The content of the site is homegrown amateur quality. It is original with its concepts and pictures. There a lot good pictures here and most of them are definitely worth looking at over and over again. The amateur models are extremely hot and sexy in their cute little satin outfits. Baily wears a cute and adorable pink robe, red satin bra, and red satin panties. Gillian wears a pink satin top and pink satin panties. Porsha wears a sexy black satin slip. Drew looks equally alluring in both her white satin slip and her black satin slip. Gem looks good in her multicolored top and green satin panties. Juliana wears hot silver satin panties. Jackie wears a hot pink satin outfit. Lilliana looks good in both her blue satin outfit and her light pink outfit. Carol looks playful and sexy in her Cheeta print satin outfit. Angie wears a hot and sexy red satin dress. Dove looks sweet and innocent in tank top and white satin panties with red roses on them. Judit looks nice in both her light purple slip and light blue slip. Kate looks fine in both her violet slip and her blue satin slip. Roxy looks cute in both her light flowery slip and her silver outfit. The high quality digital pictures were taken very well. There are many pictures of each model. There are no advanced viewing features like zip file downloads or hands free slide shows but the pictures can be accessed very easily by the user. There are no movies feature on this site. The updates are done on a daily basis.

The site delivers exactly what it promised in the tour. The site allows the user to see hot and sexy young adult women wearing nothing but smooth and silky satin outfits. The best aspect of this site is that the models actually do look hot and sexy in their satin outfits.

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