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All American Heroes

All American Heroes

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:51. All American Heroes will appeal mostly to men who fantasize about converting straight men to the dark side and to men who have a fetish for uniforms. The uniforms on offer (or on the floor, as the case may be) are police, fire, and pan-military.

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All American Heroes

Intro promises:
The site architecture and navigation are relatively straightforward (pun intended) with oversized thumbnail Hero Galleries for each of the uniforms represented on the site which lead members to more still photos from the video sequence and clips formatted for both Real and Windows Media Players. (Most of these offer a low- and high-bandwidth version, as well.) Videos are also available for purchase on DVD via the Online Store.

Each video is prefaced by a lengthy description: 'This scene brings back our own Air Force hottie, Kyle, and pairs him up with a new Marine, Travis. Travis is a 23 year old Corporal who spent time in Afghanistan working with the infantry protecting the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. As you'll see from the interview'' As with most of the man-to-man action on All American Heroes, Kyle and Travis never actually fuck. In fact, finding quality penetration on this site is difficult as most of the men are a bit, well, resistant to the idea of having another man up his ass in any way, shape, or form or for any real length of time. There are exceptions, of course, but don't expect nonstop hardcore uniform action from All American Heroes. Most of the action is actually solo, wherein a beefy stud is positioned in front of straight porn (playing off camera) and given an unlimited supply of lube. The results are pretty typical, although some of the cumshots are pretty hot and the men are often quite fascinating to watch in their respective post-orgasmic vulnerability. One or two of the featured heroes even goes so far as to venture a finger or two, and even a ginormous dildo in one sequence, up his ass. For the most part, though, these men are cock-centric and single-minded in their goal-oriented stroke sessions. When two men are situated on the same couch, there is usually a lot of fellatio and then an awkward facial cumshot for one of the lucky participants. There are some threesomes and cross-pollination of studs in terms of having a policeman and a fireman together or having those men fuck around with another guy from the Navy.

As mentioned earlier, men with a fetish for uniforms (or for police, fire, and military beefcake) will most definitely get off on All American Heroes. Other users, however, with a more casual predilection for men in uniform may be a bit disappointed by the scarcity of full-on sex featured on this site. If you're a man who likes his men to have a buzz cut and a girlfriend waiting at home, well then, this one's for you, too.

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