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All Australian Boys

All Australian Boys

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:30. All Australian Boys features sun-drenched surfer boys and their smooth bodies in solo photo galleries and WAV and QuickTime clips featuring man-on-man action formatted for both dial-up and cable connections. For the most part, the models are young, blond, and athletic, but there a few total beefcakes thrown into the mix for a bit of variety.

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All Australian Boys

Intro promises:
The Web design, the style of photography, and the young men themselves create an almost retro feel to this all-male subscription site. The Photo Galleries feature patriotic portraits of individual models shot in front of an over-sized Australian flag with personal information listed to the right of each photo.

Per capita, there seems to be an exponentially higher number of glory holes in Australia than in the U.S., if the video content of All Australian Boys is any indication. Twinks plaster themselves up against the wall as they are, invariably, serviced by someone much older and (no offense, mates!) much less attractive. Except for an occasional set of clips, most of the video content is solo action of a guy on a couch stroking himself self-consciously in front of another porno somewhere off camera. (Pretty standard twink fare, really, north or south of the equator...)

The Photo Galleries, oddly, are the most intriguing feature on this site as these Aussies have perfected the come-hither expression in their gorgeous green, blue, and dark-brown eyes! The XXX Pics are appropriately voyeuristic and there are a ton of model movies. The blond boys have a distinctly California-meets-the-Midwest kind of look to them. For a nation of former convicts, Australia has produced some fine young men who are somehow wholesome and exotic at the same time. Essential viewing for any twink fanatic!

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