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All Exclusive Pass

All Exclusive Pass

Review date: 9-Nov-2017 09:11. Overall I liked what I saw in this site. The collection of sites you get access to offer a nice selection of different types of porn, the movies and pictures are high quality and there is some really nice bonus content. I would suggest you check out the tour and see the sites you will get access to. If you like what you see there, you will really enjoy what you find inside.

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All Exclusive Pass

Intro promises:
The people that run All Exclusive Pass own a dozen different porn sites that cover a wide range of different niches. They decided instead of trying to bleed people for money that they would offer up a site that allowed you access to all twelve sites with one password and the result is the super access site All Exclusive Pass. The member's area of this site is pretty basic. It links to some bonus content and to all the sites you get access to. I'll get to the bonus content in a few minutes; first let's talk about the regular sites.

Included in the sites list are a big tits site, a big ass site, an ebony site, a blowjob/gagging site and others. There is a nice selection of niches covered here with none of them being too extreme. Once you select a site you go to its member's area where you see all the girls that are featured on that site. Simply select the girl you want and you go to her area of the site. Each girl has a picture gallery and a movie. The pictures are all pretty good. They aren't earth shattering, but they are typical quality digital stills that look pretty good. The movies are all in WMV format, can be downloaded to your computer and allow you to watch them in either a few very large files or broken down into several smaller clips. There are two quality levels for each movie. The lower quality level is decent, but not great. They look a little grainy and blurry and do break up if you try to enlarge them. The higher quality movies are a big improvement. I don't know if they are true DVD quality, but they are pretty close. They look great, are nice and clear and hold their quality well when you kick them up to full screen size. One nice touch is that each smaller clip has a thumbnail preview for it so you can see what is going on in that clips. The action, across the board, is pretty hardcore. There is a nice selection of sites here and the girls in each site are all good looking. When you factor in that the videos are all exclusive to these sites it means that the owners really take care in finding hot girls to be on the sites, not just any girl they can find that will fuck on camera. The type of action varies. Most every scene has some sex in it, but the blowjob and oral sites focus more on that type of action and less on the actual sex while the anal site focuses on some good hard ass reaming. I can say I was very happy with the action and thought it was well shot and very erotic.

In addition to the dozen sites you get access to, your membership also gives you access to 8 other bonus sites that offer some nice streaming movies and a page with several hundred downloadable mpegs on it. This bonus content is a nice addition to an already content filled site. There are no update logs or dates on the site so there is no way of knowing how often they add new content, but between all the sites and the bonus content there is already enough here to keep you happy for a long time.

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