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All Japanese Pass

All Japanese Pass

Review date: 3-Feb-2011 20:43. Japanese porn is crazy, kinky, and sexy in a very special way. Whether these weird Asians explore popular crushes like MILFs or creampies, or address their own peculiar fetishes, like cosplay, bukkake or bondage, you know it's going to be wild. Not only Japanese porn is hot, it's plentiful. So, why not save some cash and get a package deal?

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All Japanese Pass

Intro promises:
Today's porn is a buyer's market, no doubt about that. Hence, all these great deals, discounts and package offers. These are a great way to get more for less, but you are probably aware there's a downside to it as well. Don't you feel sometimes when there's a lot of stuff piled and sold together, this is some filler crap which would not have sold otherwise? While this certainly may be true with some sites, All Japanese Pass is totally different. This umbrella site unites almost two dozens of Asian-themed sites ranging from relatively mainstream things all the way to those peculiar Asian things you like so much. The free area of the site makes a very solid impression. It has quite a bunch of features and offers more than enough information on the network's content and specials. The network's main gems are pictures, videos, DVDs and models. Those are listed in the main navigation bar with handy search features towering above. Still we feel it's most important for you to know what sites are there. Well, there are a lot of them. All of them are Asian and Japanese themed of course. You get quite a lot, from regular things (anal, big tits, creampies, MILFs, nylon) to racing girls, bukkake, cosplay, teachers, shaved girls, flashers, weird insertions and more. If you are peculiar and knowledgeable enough to know the names of Asian models you fancy – well, here you go, the model catalog is right there.

Inside All Japanese Pass, it's pretty damn easy to get lost. Still, the site handles its own size quite beautifully. Extensive navigation, search and browsing features never let you get lost in this ocean of Asian porn. Top models are also available. You can browse the entire collection either by site, by episode, or using the tags, categories or whatever else you want. With over 7,000 videos, thousands of picture series and over 1,500 DVDs here, you will need ways to browse this pile of awesomeness. If you ever checked out any of the sites in the network, you are familiar with the quality here. Go for online streaming or downloading – either way it will be fast and easy. One of the best things about joining a network is that they usually are updated pretty often. Every day, in the case with All Japanese Pass. Though of course if you are a particular fan of a site or two, you may need to wait. But generally there will be something to check out every day. We liked JpNurse and OfficeSexJp for the outfits, JapaneseSlurp for the cum play, and WierdJapan for all sorts of bizarre smut you would probably not find otherwise. It does not mean of course that other sites are worse – the quality level is really consistent here, so just pick your fancy and there you go. All Japanese Pass got goodies for you.

A classic and great example of a worthy network site, All Japanese Pass brings together quite a bit of Asian porn. With over 20 sites and thousands of never-before-seen episodes you can stream or download, the site does make a solid offer. You would hate to miss it if you are turned on by hot pervy Asian girls doing it – and who isn't? Flawless and seameless browsing experience lets you enjoy everything when and how you prefer it. Asian pussy has never been closer in all its glory!

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