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All of GFs

All of GFs

Review date: 31-Oct-2011 16:33. Girlfriend porn is exploding all over the web these days, and you know you want to see as much of it as you can without having to fork out a fortune. All of Gfs is your perfect opportunity to do so with 9 sites on board ranging from teen gfs, gfs having anal sex, gfs playing with sex toys to emo, Asian and cum-addicted girlfriends. Quite a mix, don’t you think?

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All of GFs

Intro promises:
Don’t you enjoy not having to choose between quality, quantity and price? A rare thing in the today’s world, we admit. Even rarer, in adult entertainment. Get a load of this then. You can in fact get full unlimited access, which includes content downloads, to a whole load of highly exciting gf porn with literally thousands of pictures and videos in there. Well, at least that’s what All of Gfs is promising us here. The site has been around for a couple months and we feel you should totally be aware of the very nice deal All of Gfs is offering. The site’s tour zone is the perfect way to find out the valuable facts about what’s inside this mammoth hotspot. You get to check out brief previews of every site in the network, of which, let us remind you, there are 9. A load of thumbnails from each site is accompanied by a brief piece of text with the site’s concept in a nutshell. The previews really look great and glossy, so you kinda start willing to get access to the whole thing as soon as possible. You may not find out about that right away, but they actually have thousands of content items all together, categorized and sorted for your convenience. So, it’s totally worth it! Getting an account is piece of cake and it only takes you a minute. No deal breakers on your way to the treasury!

Ready for the girlfriend porn bonanza that All of Gfs actually is? The name of the site reflects things pretty accurately here. These pretty much could be all the gfs you ever wanna see in naughty action. Let’s start with the numbers. The videos, they are streaming as well as downloadable, and the total count is 2,000+ flicks. Ready to find out about the pictures here? There are three times more picture galleries here than there are video episodes. Wait, there’s more. With about 50 or so pics in every gallery, you might as well be looking at your biggest adult site so far. Naturally, as long as all this stuff is home-made, leaked, even stolen, there’s no quality consistency. However, it feels like there’s some selection process in place, so they actually pick out the good stuff and never even upload the crap. Everything the site says about itself in the tour area, it’s all true. Teens, more teens, teens having anal sex, teens having oral sex, young girls with cum all over their perky bodies, young girls with sex toys, Asian hotties, crazy ass emos, then more teens, then more teens having anal and oral sex... This could go on forever. They upload more stuff for at least some of the sites every week so there’s a pretty good chance you will be going through all the content here slower than they update. Of course new sites are always in the works, too!

All of Gfs is among things a real fan of gf porn should not miss out on. The site offers a truly incredible deal. For a laughable admission fee, you get access to 9 sites, 2,000+ videos and 6,000+ picture episodes. These are all multi-niche gf porn flicks and home-made photos! You’ll be able to peek into hundreds of homes and learn the dirty details of dozens of relationships just with one pass. And you totally should! You can’t go wrong with an honest and fun-loaded place as All of Gfs.

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