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Review date: 27-Nov-2017 05:12. ALT is an adult dating website reserved for people who are living BDSM and alternative lifestyles, and are seeking for others to meet. This ever growing fetish community currently has over 2 million members, so you're guaranteed to find someone you like no matter how obscure you think your fetish is. Join today with a free account and explore the dark world of alternative sex.

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Intro promises:
No matter how old you are, the members age varies a lot, so don't be afraid to join even if you are a senior. At ALT there is enough place for everyone. Cool thing about ALT is that you can create your profile here without paying a cent. If you're wondering if there are members that meet your need, you can simply join and look for them before you have to pay for an upgrade. This way you can make sure you'll get satisfied, and then you can decide whether to upgrade or not. The trouble with the websites of this kind is that there are often false profiles created to attract more people and lure them into joining. After spending some time on ALT i was assured that these people are real, and most of them even had their usernames written on their bodies or on a piece of paper, confirming their identity. You can relax and browse not worrying whether the hotties you are looking for are real or not.

This awesome page enables you to check the things that turn you on so you can search for members that will get you really hard. I tried to count all the options but i gave up because there were too many, but i think the number is roughly around a hundred. They got it all covered, from more classical things like bondage or bukkake, to dacryphilia and infantilism. And if by some miracle you have a fetish that isn't on the list, you can add more on your profile. Whatever you're into, they'll make sure you find it here. If you choose to upgrade your account to silver and gold, and you're gonna want to do that if you're serious about meeting people here, you will get access to live members webcams. From the safety of your home, you'll be able to watch the dirtiest, kinkiest live videos you can imagine, from people who are turned on by being watched by strangers. I you're into that, you can also stream your own live videos, and let other members watch you while chatting or doing something way more dirty. If you prefer models over average people, and want to see only young, firm bodies, there is a section reserved for the hottest models on the web ready to do whatever you tell them to. There is even the hottest model videos section to let you pick the best of the best. When going premium, there are two types of account: silver and gold. While silver account lets you have most features but limited access to most of them, the gold account gets you unlimited access to everything plus some bonus features. If you decide to go gold for three months, ALT will reward you with a month of gold membership for free. This way you're getting four months of hot fun while paying for only three! Although ALT has members from all around the world, its popularity hasn't yet spread overseas. On the ALT listings page you have a list of all countries and U.S. states, and the number of active members for each country/state. If you take a closer look at European countries, you will notice that most countries, with a few exceptions, have only a couple of thousand of members. That is still a lot to choose from, but not close enough to, say, Florida with over 120 thousand members. I'm hoping that soon it will improve and that people from Europe will be able to enjoy the benefits from this site, too.

For all of you looking for some kinky fun, ALT is the right place! It's one of the kinkiest websites i reviewed, with real members that are into all kinds of things and are ready to show it live on webcam. My advice - get the 3 month gold membership, get one month free, and join today to find a new kinky sex partner to live your fantasy with!

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