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Always Pamela

Always Pamela

Review date: 9-Nov-2017 07:02. This site has many pictures for you to download as well as a lot of videos. While the videos do not contain much sex, they are still very entertaining and sexy to watch. Another great perk of the site is the extras section that has more images and wallpapers for you to download to your computer.

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Always Pamela

Intro promises:
Always Pamela is a darling little site. It is filled with guess who? Right, Pamela and she is a blast to watch prance around. The site is not filled with too much more than that. There is very little sex to be seen but this is more than made up for by all of the other things you get to watch Pamela do. You get to watch her bathe, which is downright hot, you get to watch her and her friend play around and pose for the cameras and you get to watch her pretty much live her life. It is a good site for those that like to look at pretty babes being pretty babes, not for those who want to see some hardcore sex action.

When you join and become a member of Always Pamela you will get access to all of her videos, her pictures as well as the forum and the camchat. The camchat is pretty cool, she has a convenient schedule up and everything so you will know exactly when she is gong to be online to talk to. Making herself available like that is great, it allows you to get some personal time with her and really interact with her on a different level compared to what you see in the videos and the pictures. Then there is the forum, this too allows you to talk to Pamela and others like you who enjoy what she does for everyone at her site. One of the best parts of the site is the extras section. This is the part of the site that has things that very few other porn sites have and that is candids and bloopers. These are great, they make Pamela so much more real. In this section you can also download webcam pictures and wallpapers for your desktop. Cool!

In all I would have to say that Always Pamela is a nice site about a babe that is fun to watch and who knows how to make life a little more interesting each day. It is not a typical sex site as there isn't much of it but it is full of great pictures of Pamela.

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