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Amateur Fan Club

Amateur Fan Club

Review date: 20-Oct-2017 05:46. Amateur Fan Club largely links to offsite sources for amateur photos and video clips; it has very little original material. In fact, I found one site I'd reviewed just a couple of weeks ago as part of its collection. The main site is easy to find one's way around; the sites it links to vary widely, from entirely obvious to occasionally non-functional. Some photo galleries have slide shows; some don't.

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Amateur Fan Club

Intro promises:
Some video streams automatically go from one clip to the next; others require you to trigger the next clip yourself (which is so very annoying when you're just'about'to'). Much like the technical aspects of the site, the quality of the photos and vid feeds vary widely, from I-can't-believe-it's-not-professional to Jack-accidentally-returned-the-tape-of-his-wife-to-the-video-store. Because it's amateur, there's a number of things in these clips you'll never see in a professional porn film. Some of the women show the kind of giddy enthusiasm that is sadly lacking in most porn, some of the videographers are so intent on what they're looking at that they neglect to notice (for example) a floral arrangement is obscuring part of the action ' which oddly adds to the charm rather than distracting from it, and occasionally the guys that have been asked to film the events put down the cameras so they can help spread the woman's legs as far as possible. On the minus side, it's not unusual to have the person behind the camera say something like, 'Okay, three more minutes of high-energy fucking, and we'll take a break. Start'NOW!' The stage direction and color commentary can get very intrusive on some clips. Also, there's a preponderance of ugly flowered couches and/or bedsheets. This may be a kink for some, but it made me think of my grandmother ' not something I wanted in that particular moment.

A few of the linked sites are of the 'Girls Gone Wild' genre, containing a number of clips of girls flashing their tits at Mardi Gras or on spring break, with more minutes of men exhorting women to reveal themselves than screen time of women's actual bodily parts. Some of the sites it links to that contain actual porn charge an extra fee to see full vid clips, which I found quite irritating ' if I'm already paying $39.99 to access your site, why am I going to pay even more to watch some clips you link to?

This site isn't making any brave new strides in the presentation of porn; however, if you want one webpage from which to access a wide spectrum of sites containing amateur sex pics and vids (several of which have been reviewed previously here at SexHerald), this is a decent starting point.

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