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Amateur Smothering

Amateur Smothering

Review date: 26-May-2016 20:46. Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me! Amateur Smothering is a great facesitting and ass worship site devoted to lovers of ass smothering. Witness these gorgeous beauties with ample posteriors rubbing their pussies and ass cracks into guy's faces and making them gasp for their last breath!

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Amateur Smothering

Intro promises:
Amateur Smothering aims to be the top site on the net devoted to facesitting, smothering and ass worship. They bring you dozens of exclusive amateur full-length smothering videos, so you can watch all the teasing and breath play unfold, and on great quality videos.

And when you get inside Amateur Smothering, you're going to be instantly turned on (kind of like how I was). There are pictures everywhere featuring gorgeous chicks who love dominating their men by making them fight for air while being trapped in their pussy, ass or between their tits. Now that's some hot content. All of the videos on the site can be accessed from the main members page of Amateur Smothering. Each video is presented in chronological order, and have a short title and preview thumbnail to show you what kind of content you will expect when you click on it to check out the video. There aren't too many videos on the site right now, but Amateur Smothering has only been running for a few months now. And since the updates are happening weekly, expect to see a lot more content up soon. Besides, the content that's up there is amazing enough to help you forget about that. Besides the videos on the site, there are also short videos to see in the fetish feeds, bonus sites from the Members Extreme network, as well as a DVD and Toy store and live cams. All it will take is one video, and you'll be hooked on the content at Amateur Smothering. I chose a video called "Perfect Plumper Facesitting", which didn't actually contain a woman who was fat in any way. She was thick and lovely, with a firm ass and red hair with pigtail braids. Really attractive to me. This beautiful thick babe was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with white panties and garters, as well as white thigh highs. Her "victim" laid down and got a healthy dose of her pussy rubbed in his face, and then her ass consumed his mouth and nose, stealing his breath from him. She rode him up and down while he stroked himself, and then moved him to the edge of the bed where she closed her legs around his head and urged him to lick her pussy. The good thing about Amateur Smothering is that all the content is a lot like this: wonderful, erotic, REAL smothering going on. And all the videos are available to be downloaded or streamed on the site, and are available in low (400k) or high (1000k) bandwidth. The clips are broken up into scenes, so it makes it easier to check out all the different scenes by having smaller downloads and less time to stream. There isn't a picture section on Amateur Smothering, which would have been nice, especially for close-ups of the face sitting and smothering. But the videos, especially since it's updated weekly, will make up for it. There are some nice bonuses with a membership though. First off, you get hundreds of short clips from all different fetish niches under the fetish feeds section. This will give you a little bit of fun to have if you're looking for a small amount of BDSM content, mature, teen, big boobs, and others. The best bonus feature is the bonus sites that you gain access to when you become a member at Amateur Smothering. You receive access to more than 10 different sites under the Members Extreme banner, and all of them are high quality sites devoted to various fetishes. You'll get some top-notch BDSM sites, a spanking site, a FemDom site, a Big Tit site, and more. It's a great way to explore more fetish content without having to pay extra for a membership to another site.

Even though there wasn't a whole lot of content on the site yet, Amateur Smothering was just what I wanted in a site that featured hot babes with fine asses using them to smother their men. The videos were great quality, and really told a nice story. They were filled with gorgeous smothering and facesitting action, and really helped me process my fantasies. The bonus sites are a wonderful touch to the site, giving you an abundance of content from different niches without having to pay more for it. If this is your kind of porn, you would definitely benefit from joining a site like Amateur Smothering.

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