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Amateur Tour

Amateur Tour

Review date: 19-Oct-2017 05:51. I know that a pornographic website needs to make money. It is a fundamental fact. That's why the top 11 billion websites (according to Lenny from the Simpsons) are porn sites. But shouldn't they offer customers a good, practical product? Isn't that the reason why they would pay every month? Amateur Tour is a portal. Another frustrating portal that spins you in circles for five hours before you find something good.

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Amateur Tour

Intro promises:
It is the video equivalent of the Hustler magazine from 1985 that your big brother gives to you (in 1995). You think it's awesome, but when you open it, and see the big hair and the bad clothes, your dick goes limp. Visually, the site looks great as far as portals go. It is not nearly as busy as some of the other ones. The main content of this site is 67 different photo galleries. Sift through them if you are one of those people with an imagination. As for me, they serve little or no purpose, unless they are artistic, of course. These aren't. In the video section, there are fourteen sites to choose from featuring everything from ebony to Mardi gras to lesbians. None of them offer downloadable videos. Strike one. Some of them use Real Player. Strike two. (Real Player is evil, I tells ya!) Most have poor quality videos, some with no sound. Strike Three. Oh yeah, and a lot of them do not work with pop-up blockers. Strike Four! I would like to end this review right here, but I have to write a certain amount of words or I don't get paid.

Don't' get me wrong, there are some decent sites to be found in the bonus section, but it's still a crapshoot. For every nine or ten pieces of shit, you will find a golden turd. I mean, really. With the advent of VCRs and DVD players where you can fast forward and rewind at will, who has the patience to sit there at a computer and wait for the good stuff. Not me, I'd rather be playing online poker.

Although I'd like to bash this site further, I know it is cheap and easy to join, so I will give you some highlights to save you from wasting your time. In the bonus video section, Urban Exploits is halfway decent, and once the clips are buffered, you can fast forward. Asian Hot Bodies is decent, especially for my insatiable lust for Asian women. These girls are too hot to fuck, and they don't. They're still hot, though. Did I mention that? Double Airbags is fun if you have a bunch of drunk people around, although I don't know where they got the name from. There are a few more decent sites sprinkled in here and there, so it's not a complete wash.

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