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Amazing Bonus

Amazing Bonus

Review date: 16-Oct-2017 06:06. If you have thirty-two personalities, and each of them has his own favorite kink, then you need to join Amazing Bonus immediately. Jimmy can have his giant clitorises, Sue gets to see her favorite bisexual men in action, and Big Dan can watch teen girls taking facials. This is essentially a portal site that gets you access to a portion of many other sites. Every warped mind will find a little something to its liking at Amazing Bonus.

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Amazing Bonus

Intro promises:
Unfortunately, only a few selections are available from each partner site. What your access lacks in depth, though, it more than makes up for in breadth. There is at least a taste of nearly every perversion under the sun. If you don’t have a real preference for a particular type of porn, as long as it’s dirty, this might be the site for you. Throw in a dash of lesbians, a pinch of shemales, and a soupcon of teens, and you’ll end up with Amazing Bonus.

I was disappointed in the presentation and layout of many of the subsidiary sites. The video pages were especially hard to navigate. Most of them tend to offer scene titles in a pull-down menu, without any sort of clue as to what the video will entail. A preview picture would be nice, or at least a description of the action. I also noticed that much of the content is shared between the site categories within. So clicking on teen first-timers might produce almost identical results as clicking on cum guzzlers. This trait makes the site seem at first as though it has more content than it actually does, but again: breadth, not depth.

Amazing bonus? More like amazing bargain. If you need a wide variety of perversion to get you going, check out the action available at Amazing Bonus. They’re almost guaranteed to have whatever flips your switch.

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