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Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:11. The ever-growing axis of the Russian erotic photography presentation and its use of the magazine cover style layout soldiers on towards its obvious goal of worldwide erection domination. In yet another display of young, pretty models standing in, lying on and straddling things in indoor and outdoor venues, Amour Angels is a frill-free site that's nice to look at, albeit a little tedious to completely look through.

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Amour Angels

Intro promises:
As a high-quality pic site designed for 'those who love pure natural beauty locked in the curves of a young female body,' visitors are guaranteed an explicit content lacking'experience that can and should be considered tasteful, lustful, innocent and thought-provoking'at least according to what it says on the main page. With its pricey non-recurring membership plan, members are treated to nothing-too-out-of-the-ordinary snapshot galleries of young naked girls placed in clear, colorful settings, completely nude or'stripping out of outfits available at any mall; Russian-based or somewhere slightly closer.

Sporting a pair of feathery wings; lying on train tracks; trudging through deep snow in only boots and gloves; rolling random balls on a pool table; hiding amongst the lush foliage of a deserted forest; and even dry-humping a kitchen sink, 13 pages fan out into variously sized sets that capture the ladies and all their lady parts, in low, medium, or original resolution. Although everyone here is hot, for some reason, the photographers found it necessary to post every single shot they took'of them. So, you're basically looking at the same girl in hundreds of poses that only vary by a few'fractions of an inch from frame to frame, when a dozen or so'significantly different-looking'ones'would be sufficient.

Updated frequently, you can search the site through the 'Top 20' link, the completely text-based'page and the 'Archive' spreadsheet, that I'm still trying to figure out the point of'including here. The video section is limited to a disappointing two pages of Windows Media formatted clips that are a few minutes long, and of okay-looking quality. It literally takes Diana of 'Diana in Bath,' the entire minute of her minute-long clip to take off her top and show her tits; she doesn't even take the bath. The rest are longer and take 20+ minutes to download in their entirety, but don't offer anything that you yourself couldn't produce by printing'up the photos and making a flipbook out of them; which for those of you with some spare time, might make for a fun arts and crafts afternoon. Regardless of its faults, pointless search pages/videos and'substantial amount of repetitious material, Amour Angels is an easily navigable naked model collection that supporters of softcore photos'focusing on'very attractive and young (foreign) women, will probably appreciate.

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