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Anal Boy Toys

Anal Boy Toys

Review date: 20-Oct-2017 05:53. Anal Boy Toys is not such a bad site and not such a good site. In fact, it is middling to extremes, a little of everything and not too much of anything. Despite the title, AnalBoyToys doesn't really go in with both buttocks blazing. If anything, it seems to be testing the waters one buttock at a time.

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Anal Boy Toys

Intro promises:
The main offering of the site is its photo gallery. Some of the guys are attractive, but there is no particular focus to the gallery. Not all the models are the kind of twinks you might expect from the title: some are too masculine to be 'boy toys.' As far as being 'anal' boy toys, a lot of the pictures are solo shots, with all of the limits on copulation that implies. Even the duo shots feature as much jerkoff and oral action as they do anal action. Perhaps the models are 'anal' in the sense of always picking up their rooms.

Only the photo gallery is indigenous to this site. All the other material'the approximately 20 erotic stories, the six live-show feeds, and the sex-toy arcade, not to mention all the videos'consists of store-bought content created by other pornographers. You may enjoy some of the video feeds such as 'Furr Factor' or 'Manly Men,' but you may also have seen them elsewhere.

If you haven't subscribed to any other 'portal' (that is, pre-assembled) sites, you may enjoy this one, but on the whole, as anal-action sites go, this site's cyber-ass lacks tone and definition. The designers should have had their heads more firmly wedged in order to provide the needed quality of vision. As it is, this site doesn't get very deeply into anything.

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