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Anal Centerfolds

Anal Centerfolds

Review date: 3-Nov-2017 05:26. Who can ever get tired of watching girls have anal sex?' Well, it's not just purely anal on this site, but most of the videos focus on this aspect.' I have to say that for the most part, the girls are attractive.' There are different types of girls on the site as well: from blonde to Asian to punk rockers.' There really is something for everyone.' So whatever your pleasure is, there's probably something for you and you can find it pretty easily.'

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Anal Centerfolds

Intro promises:
There's a nice search function that allows you to specify what exactly you're looking for.' Not just anal or Asian, but you can choose more than one category!' It's like an actual search engine.' Not only are the girls, for the most part, hot, but they have a lot of enthusiasm and really seem to be having fun in the videos.' My favorite video is the one where the girl is wearing underwear that says fuck my ass and then a guy dressed as a cop comes in and does just that.' These girls seem to have a sense of humor and that's extra attractive.' Although they're fun, they seem to be modest in terms of sexual positions.' Sure there might be another girl, but they're all pretty standard: missionary, side, and cowgirl.' Adding in some toys gives some movies a little more spice, but unfortunately these aren't used that often.' I was also expecting some more double penetration too, but I couldn't really find anything.' The only one I could find was a girl who used an anal toy and had sex.' A little more variation would be nice.' Overall though, I'm pretty satisfied with the different types of videos and girls I can choose from.' Unfortunately, none of these movies are really awesome; they're in fact pretty standard in terms of porn.' There's nothing really exciting about them and there's nothing that really blew my mind.

I'm also surprised at the ease of use of the site.' Instead of having to go to the 10+ bonus sites, all of the movies that fit your particular fetish pop up when you search for them.' You don't even have to go anywhere!' Seems like the people on the site really know how to cater to their customers.' Their news highlights new features or updates to the various bonus sites, the newest addition is the rating feature and favorites.' It seems to be a common feature nowadays, and to some extent it does make browsing quicker.' After all, why bother watching a video that was only rated 2 stars by fellow members?' The favorite feature is a nice touch too, so you can always have your favorite videos on hand without searching for it.' It would be nice if there were some feature that would suggest other videos based on your favorites.' As far as the videos are concerned, they're decent quality.' At times it can be a bit grainy, but for the most part, the camera work is steady. All of these porn movies seem to suffer from the extreme close-up illness.' Just a note: it's not really sexy just seeing a dick go into a vagina or an ass.' What's hot is seeing the expression on the girl's face AND seeing them get fucked.' At the same time.' You can stream the full video in low, medium, high or evil.' If you don't have the time to watch the full-length movie, you can also just view the some clips.' There are also pictures, but they're pretty useless as they're just screens from the movie.' Besides, it's difficult to download these pictures since you need to browse all the pages to find the ones you like.' Why not offer a batch download?' I'm also pretty disappointed with the quality of some of these pictures.' Sure it's from the movie, but that's really no excuse to post blurry pictures for download.' It just takes up space.'

Overall, I have to say that this site offers some pretty nice Web features, but the movies are pretty ordinary.' There may be different types of girls, but the sex is standard and the quality of the movies is about average.' The extra bonus sites might make the site worth the investment, but there are a lot of other sites that have better quality movies and more exciting sex.

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