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Anal Movie Matrix

Anal Movie Matrix

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 07:56. I'm a back door man. Something about a pretty pink hole waiting to be opened sets off a spark. But I like value more than anything. A new website cannily provides both. Even though Anal Movie Matrix isn't entirely devoted to anal scenes, what it offers leans heavily in that direction. This site is really about the downloads.

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Anal Movie Matrix

Intro promises:
In an era of the website that offers subscribers the absolute bare minimum ' read: streaming video ' what you get for your entrance fee here is really remarkable. The site has an interface which lets you narrow down your search through their 481-DVD collection. If you search by category, you can pick your anal pleasures by narrowing it down with keywords like 'black,' 'fat' or 'redhead' for example.

Or maybe you'd prefer to search by a particular series of films offered from a particular studio, say for example the Amateur Angels line offered by Adam & Eve. Or maybe you just have a particular bent for everything coming from the porn studios of Midnight Video or Feline Films. Possibilities abound. But it gets better. Once you've narrowed your results down and picked an anal adventure that suits your, um, needs, you can download to your hard drive either the entire film, a particular scene from within that film or maybe just a hot little slice from just one scene. I downloaded the entire 5th scene, an outdoor cowboy/cowgirl scenario, from 'Jill Loves Julian' (I have a little crush on Julian Rios, but don't tell Jill). A 14-minute scene with my highspeed internet connection took about 6 minutes to retrieve in .wmv format. Not bad! Still not sure what you want? Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable snagging some clips from fuck flicks that other ass-plundering website users like yourself enjoyed in any given week. This week, it looks like 'Ass Obsessed' and 'Naughty Bottoms' (not to be confused with the third-ranking film this week 'Nasty Bottoms' ' I guess fucking a 'naughty' bottom feels different than poking a 'nasty' one) snagged the one and two spots respectively.

This week, Apple launched a new 40-gigabyte version of its popular iPod. Somehow I can't imagine filling an iPod with that much music. It's the same with Anal Movie Matrix. Those who are so inclined, could fill a shitload of hard drives with all the dick dipping you find there. Happy downloading!

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