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Anal Overdose

Anal Overdose

Review date: 9-Dec-2017 07:17. So we guess a new awesome network is on the block! Perv City gives you one pass access to 5 different sites with dozens, literally hundreds of pornstars in smoking hot videos. Anal Overdose is the site up for review today, and as you can tell from its name, it’s all about smoking hot pornstars getting giant cocks shoved up their tight wet asses. What’s not to love? Let’s have a look.

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    21.7 of 25
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    21.7 of 25
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    12.7 of 20
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    8.3 of 10
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    14.9 of 20

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Anal Overdose

Intro promises:
When you are looking at all these delicious round pornstar asses, what exactly are you thinking about? You better be thinking about big fat dicks shoved right up these things. Well, that’s what happening inside Anal Overdose – and you are going to enjoy all of that. This site is new to the scene, and even though the subject matter is not exactly super new, it’s still fun. We mean, who hasn’t seen hot ass porn sluts getting boned in the ass? Still, porn is all about fresh and new, so here we are. Anal Overdose seems to be loaded with the freshest anal themed pornstar videos you can find out there. Turns out there’s a new network out there called Perv City, and if you like mainstream porn in great quality with the newest porn faces (and butts), looks like it’s your choice. We always love ourselves a network. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy accessing 5 different sites for the small membership fee of a single site? Perv City packs a lot of heat offering ebony, oral, anal, and other straight mainstream porn in terrific quality and copious quantities. Let’s get started with the tour. The free area of Anal Overdose is pretty much an overload of pornstar anal fucking. A classic mainstream porn site, Anal Overdose flaunts its interface and free video trailers in such a way that it makes not joining pretty damn impossible. Well, let’s dig in.

If you think this is going to be about slow sensual anal sex that never gets weird, well, you are wrong there. Anal Overdose has all the anal action you can imagine – and then some. Dildos, butt plugs, even fucking popsicles, every damn thing just goes up there. Seriously, there are dozens of these HD movies in there, and each and every one of them is like 45 minutes long. Can you imagine how much fun these anal-addicted girls have? You actually have no idea. Anal Overdose is a pretty well set up site with a neat-looking interface and great quality movies. These babies come in 1080p resolution, how awesome is that? Write-ups, tags, everything is just nicely wrapped into this easy to use design here. Anal Overdose is part of the Perv City network, as you already know, and these people could be working with some of the best and hottest up and coming pornstars of today. With as many as 5 different sites in the network plus weekly updates and just tons of XXX goodies in there, it could be the next big thing out there. Anal Overdose is completely shameless and explicit in the way that it just throws these hotter than hell anal action videos right in your face. Nothing butt-related will be missed, trust us. Get your load of the freshest anal sex porn with Anal Overdose – and other sites in the network, they have anal movies as well!

Get your load of the freshest anal sex themed porn there is. Anal Overdose is ready to be enjoyed with its unlimited 1080p streaming, all the best and sexiest up and coming pornstars, and tons of other goodies you will definitely enjoy. Five different sites, one membership, one low price, this is Perv City right there for you. If you are a mainstream porn kind of dude, you just need to see Anal Overdose right now!

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