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Analyzed Girls

Analyzed Girls

Review date: 11-Sep-2010 09:50. What do you call it when after a fuck session a girl walks out of the room slowly holding onto her ass as if it’s going to fall apart? You say she’s just been analyzed! The amounts of super hardcore anal sex and double penetration action going on here are unthinkable. Add great fresh young models, many of them teens, and you pretty much have the best anal sex site ever.

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Analyzed Girls

Intro promises:
You think pretty young girls would not let them do them in their tight yummy asses? Think again! Anal sex is not for skanks, in fact, it’s for sweet teen hotties who don’t mind doing a little extra for their hung fuck buddies! Analyzed Girls is a recent addition to the network of hardcore teen sites known as Teen Core Club. This time, the guys behind the network have decided to explore the backdoor territories. And man, they do it with the same class and extreme type action Teen Core Club is famous for. The tour area for Analyzed Girls looks pretty classic for a porn site. Essentially it’s all about a list of episodes. Though those don’t offer any video trailers, the pictures pretty much get you going. Juicy and jumping straight in your face, they are just marvelous. Looks like the site does not limit itself to one on one anal sex. There are threesomes here, and some of the episodes feature hard, nasty DP sequences. As you browse the tour pages, you realize you also get access to a whole bunch of hardcore teen sites, and we mean full access here. The bunch is all too big to describe, one thing for sure, there is no boredom with Teen Core Club, ever. But let’s pay attention to the analyzed girls first, looks like their tight rear holes are itching for attention! Looks like all of these glam looking young hotties are truly enjoying having a thick meaty sausage in their bums!

Well, what have we got here? The entire Teen Core Club member area is united so that you can easily browse the full update collection. With over 1,200 total episodes to see, the site we are considering right now does not have an abundance of episodes yet. But hey, it’s a very new product, and with the network rate of 3-5 weekly updates it will catch up very soon. Anyway, the video standard across the network is WMV, downloadable, around 3,000kbps. The videos can be downloaded without any limits and you won’t ever see any DRM restrictions imposed. The videos last around 25 minutes each. The pictures are surely available as well, with around 300 separately taken images for every episode. Those got high resolution pictures and thumbnails as well. Now, back to the fun part. The site brings lots of glamour and teen sex appeal into the rough, sweaty and essentially sinful world of anal sex. All the girls take it in the ass like champions and keep asking for more till their holes are totally ruined. Analyzed Girls features a fair amount of sexy lingerie, threesomes, oral sex, double penetrations and everything else you would like to come as seasoning to this gorgeous dish of hardcore anal fucking done and filmed in the wildest way possible. The girls look truly fantastic with some sweet new faces you won’t find anywhere else. And naturally not only their faces are sweet, but their brown holes as well. Moaning and groaning their way through, the chicks set new records in taking cock in the ass, records most older sluts will surely find hard to beat.

Analyzed Girls is a steaming hot and fresh anal sex site with young chicks going crazy about having it in the ass. With lots of nice extra things like lingerie, sloppy cocksucking, double penetrations and threesomes coming on top, this is still one of the most engaging anal sex sites of today. You will surely like these young anal sluts in action, and you will want more. That’s where the Teen Core Club network will come in handy offering tons upon tons of very well produced porn with young girls to every taste, doing naughty things caring for every possible fantasy of yours.

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