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Animated Kink

Animated Kink

Review date: 22-Sep-2012 08:53. When does a kink become even kinkier? When it’s animated! Animated Kink is a brand new, and a very special site by the world famous brand. It is filled with mind-boggling animated series mostly done in hentai and manga styles plus some others, exploring many-many areas of the kinky lifestyle. With tons of stuff to see and full length animations, this is a real kinky blast.

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Animated Kink

Intro promises:
It’s always about imagination. Every erotic experience is born and grows in your imagination, and the better it works, the more intense this experience gets. In the adult entertainment world, nothing makes your imagination work quite like drawn artworks. Hentai, manga and other things like 3D art and what not are immensely popular among those who understand the importance of a bit of imagination. When it’s not exactly real and requires a bit of brain work to fully embrace, this is very special kind of fun. Especially if you try exploring the darker, kinkier areas! Animated Kink here is a brand new site by the renowned brand. These guys are famous for launching and maintaining genre-defining BDSM and fetish sites based on real pictures and videos. With Animated Kink, they make an effort to explore the less traditional places. The site is entirely dedicated to full length animated videos, mostly in hentai and manga style, with all sorts of different perversions happening in drawn worlds built entirely with imagination. The tour offers nice preview opportunities with several animated kinky movies available for watching as well as plentiful still image samples. The tour may look basic but with behind the whole thing you know it will rock your world at some point! Let’s see how exactly this is going to happen by checking out the member area of this very promising new site.

You may have seen other anime, hentai and 3D sites, but no other site is quite like Animated Kink. After all, with world’s best known online erotica brand behind it, this place simply has to be special. Forget about all the crappy quality sites in this niche built with random content scrapped from all over the internet. Animated Kink offers full length and full quality animated videos which could run for well over 60 minutes. What exactly happens during this time? The videos take you through imaginary worlds filled with all sorts of domination, role play, bondage, extreme sex, weird insertions, slave training and tons of other things. You probably have never seen them animated, but at Animated Kink, anything is possible. The site offers exclusive videos which you can conveniently stream online, and also there are images coming with every movie. Each episode has a background story which explains what happens. The site is a real delight. We just ended up going from one episode to another and then to another, totally unable to stop. Watching these petite huge-eyed cuties drawn in distinctive manga style getting some raw, kinky treatment was just too much fun. The movies offer uncensored sex action on top of all the kinky stuff, and they are also voiced in English, for those of you who worry about not understanding a thing with these Japanese flicks. Just as it is with other sites, Animated Kink offers excellent community features.

Animated Kink is a very special site, and a unique product in the portfolio. Explore things and fantasies you have never explored before with this really special site loaded with high grade manga, hentai and other movies. From super hardcore orgies to refined rope bondage, slave training and beyond, Animated Kink takes your favorite perversions and wicked sexual stuff to the drawn worlds built entirely by imagination. Give this site a try and it will most likely be the best animated porn hotspot you have ever seen. Let’s get kinky with Animated Kink right now!

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