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Review date: 29-Oct-2017 04:52. Although professional model Apnea's personal site Apneatic is one of many photo portfolio presentations that can be considered part of the ever-growing genre of 'Alt-Porn,' the site is unique and engaging enough to be declared a breath of fresh air being expelled into a niche known primarily for tattoos, piercings, and pissed-off looking punk prima donnas posing atop of machinery or in front of brick wall backdrops covered in graffiti.

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Intro promises:
With her petite frame clad in many colorful and surreal outfits, her pert breasts, eye-catching tattoos, youthful cute face, and cropped black hair (alternately dyed blonde, extended or wigged over), 21-year-old Apnea emerges from each of the thousands of very high-quality photos, as both a sassy comic-book-style heroine, and a variation of a mental-institute chic chick ready to rumble with whoever gets in her way on the runway or in front of the camera.

Willing to experiment with multiple looks, one gallery finds our hostess in complete clown makeup performing oral on a balloon animal, while another has her submitting to the sensory deprivation of a vinyl vacuum bed with a gas mask strapped firmly to her face. Held up by crutches; hanging around as a living marionette; shaving in a steamy shower; swinging a machete through some bush; standing naked next to a statue'it appears that the girl finds it extremely difficult to take a bad-looking photo. Every set of pics offered here draws you in the same way Apnea does with her intense expressions that she's able to change up almost as quickly as she can strip out of a leather straightjacket, or pull aside a pair of panties on the floor of the kitchen she's just baked cupcakes in. It would take too many more adjectives to explain in detail the bizarre nuance of the rest of the photo section. Appearing solo in a majority of the work (with and without varying amounts of smoky eye shadow and/or another female model), there is no actual sex or penetration to be found here, but plenty of artfully organized shots of Apnea posing nude, semi-nude, and even in nothing but a tight rubber dress and pasties. A work-in-progress video section includes a handful of short QuickTime clips where she applies mascara, practices origami, and does a 'booty dance' on a bed, in front of a webcam. Including a detailed biography and resume of prior Web, print, fashion, and video shoots, the site is rounded out by a regularly updated journal, a message board, a shop where you can purchase full-color prints, and links to all the photographers, models, and artists she's worked with in her short but busy-so-far career.

"The small and mighty Apnea can appear soft, sensual and seductive as effortlessly as she can pull off a badass look. In both cases, her eyes are always piercing and cavernous, and her form is tiny perfection. We are drawn to her, tempted by her and scared of her all at once," says G. of Eros-Zine. I say that Apneatic is an impressively professional-looking online production highlighting a very impressive-looking and dark-humored erotic model. With both the style, and the creative spirit many other site subjects can't completely capture, Apnea is definitely a strikingly sexy girl who you'll want to look at carefully, and keep a close eye out for in the future.

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