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Arizona Whores

Arizona Whores

Review date: 18-Jun-2017 07:29. Spazz and his friend are trying to get some girls in the sunny state of Arizona! They propose them some easy money in return for taking part in their “school movie project”, but the only project they have in mind is to give them a hardcore ride of their life! Arizona Whores is another addition to Amazing Pass “reality” sites archive.

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Arizona Whores

Intro promises:
The featuring girls are horny and sexy in a reasonable manner, the whole hardcore action is most down and dirty and these nasty sluts are treated like they always wanted to be – like true Arizona Whores! With your membership you are promised an access to around 140 from their network, but only 19 of them have their own and exclusive content! These are such sites as: Arizona Whores, Asian Sexy Slut, Amateur Bunch, Brunette Fucker, Bitch Please, Black Sirens, Blonde Hunter, Extra Pornstars, Extra Lesbians, Fucking Big Boobs, Gimme Blowjob, Go Fuck Your Teen, Hard Sex Center, Lingerie Hot, Porn Gyno, Pure Dildo, Stroke My Dick Bitch, Suck Me I’m Famous and Teens College.

It was always my target to visit Arizona some day mainly because of the weather which is just so sunny and warm. However, after reviewing Arizona Whores, my priorities have changed a bit - I don’t give a fuck about the weather, I am going for all these slutty nymphos! These babes have all the great “reality” traits about them and they all give their best to prove how fantastic whores they are. Though the concept is surely one of those we have witnessed so many times before (a horny stud and his camera-holding friend go cruising around town searching for easy babes), once again it proves to be a bulls eye in terms of bringing us whole new loads of fresh and eager amateurs! On the very beginning I wanted to say a few words about the movies available on Arizona Whores. Owners of this site brag to have all their exclusive videos ripped straight from the DVD and made possible for you to download in high quality WMV but only available to watch with the Xvid Codec. This means that you will only be able to enjoy their videos in Windows Media Player but only with a codec installed, which is pretty simple as they have a link to it from each of their members pages. When speaking of navigation throughout this site, it couldn’t be more uncomplicated! Essentially all you contend with is a single page with all the content at hand. Of course the other bonus pages will open in separate windows, but all the content offered is available in a small area so that you won’t have to search a lot. Arizona Whores offers 9 exclusive episodes, each of them holding some really hardcore stuff going on which will make any true man seriously aroused. The quality of high quality pictures offered by this site is great, I found no blurry or unclear shots and the resolution was very good at around 1024x682 pixels. Besides the high quality pictures you will also find the casual screen caps, which are decent, but with regular pictures available who would want to watch these? As for the videos, as I wrote above, you can download them in good looking high quality WMV files (1372k, 640x480). Still, if you are one of those poor guys running on low speed connections, you can download the smaller versions of WMV files (320x240).

This site being a part of the Amazing Pass Network provides you with 140 bonus sites to go along with your membership. I surely appreciate them for the fact of holding a great amount of content on their network, but this particular one still has to develop in this category. Thankfully they catered for all the quality junkies like me, which is always a very nice gesture for the members. Arizona Whores with its sunny climate and eager slutty babes lived up to all its tour site promises and in my personal opinion the membership is well worth the signing fee.

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