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Art Femme

Art Femme

Review date: 29-Oct-2017 05:15. In what he bills as an 'essay on sensuality,' international photographer Marcus, whose work appears as a slightly more polished version of renowned artist Richard Kern's, attempts to afford the viewer the opportunity to become emotionally moved in an atmosphere of intimate sexuality consisting solely of naked girls.

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Art Femme

Intro promises:
The result is Art Femme, an ambitious collection of 68 variously sized photo galleries and 49 streaming clips ranging in length from 90 seconds to five minutes each. Upon entering the site, you're greeted by a collage of magazine cover-like thumbnails that serve as the links to the photo sets of each model featured. Spanning the Czech Republic, Hungary and Australia, the models range in age from 18 to their early 20s, with the majority of them having a distinctly Eastern European look. Each girl poses solo, in casually traditional glamour-style positions with plenty of labial and clitoral elegance on display. The handful of minimalist settings include a white-tiled bathroom, an almost-empty kitchen, a brown and a blue couch, a well-lit windowsill, and a red upholstered Victorian-style high back chair that becomes a model in its own right, as it's obviously Marcus' favorite piece of furniture. There are a few girl-on-girl and girl-on-girl-on-girl sets to peruse as well.

The models themselves are a melting pot of girl-next-door hot, schoolgirl cute, and just plainly plain. Some appear overly enthusiastic and excited about participating, while others come across as shy, nervous, and even depressed about being in front of the camera. The choice to include these particular pictures is apparently Marcus' artistic statement that anyone can become a photo subject no matter how inexperienced, or in this case--I can only speculate--how desperate they are for money. Some standouts include: Ticiana, a Hungarian honey with black hair and extremely perky breasts; Timi, an Angelina Jolie doppelganger who enjoys cuddling with a snake and donning devil horns; Cari, a large-breasted blonde with large blue eyes whose black trenchcoat has a tendency to pop open; and Zoe, an exotic minx with a chiseled frame and firm fresh apples up top, who perches her pretty pink atop a toilet. The Streaming video section brings the models to life in a series of short behind-the-scenes snippets, filmed during their respective photo shoots. All of these are silent, except for a repetitious drum-and-bass soundtrack that can easily be muted by turning your speakers off. All of these clips are Ipod compatible, in case you can't bear to leave home without your favorite femme, and some of the pictures can be sent to your cellphone to be used as on-screen wallpaper.

As a photographer, Marcus has a good eye for nicely proportioned pictures. All of the shots are very clean, crisp and coloful. Although there is little variation between the backgrounds he uses, each girl is individually unique, and bound to appeal to tastes of all kind. Those looking to appraise the work of an artist arranging flesh in a classy softcore setting should find no faults with Art Femme, other than its limited amount of content--easily excusable by the site's extremely affordable membership fee.

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