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Asian Beavers

Asian Beavers

Review date: 16-Jul-2017 08:08. Asian Beavers doesn’t have completely exclusive content, nor is the quality outstanding. That doesn’t mean Asian Beavers isn’t worth it, though. If watching Asian women getting pounded or sucking cock gets you hard, then you might find the $39.95 monthly membership fee for Asian Beavers worth it.

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    16.6 of 25
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    16.4 of 25
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    13.0 of 20
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    6.6 of 10
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    13.3 of 20

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Asian Beavers

Intro promises:
Asian Beavers as a website could be better. Oh, it’s easy enough to navigate and to find what you want, but the look of the site isn’t that great. I really don’t like the main page’s graphics or layout, and the other pages, while not as bad, still aren’t that great. However, I realize that’s not what we’re at Asian Beavers to see, so it doesn’t really matter that much. The girls on Asian Beavers are hot, and they more than make up for the bad layout.

In the photo section, you’ll find literally thousands of photos. However, some of them aren’t from Asian Beavers. The site counts its sister sites’ content as part of its own, so you’ll quickly see that Asian Beavers doesn’t really have that many photos. It still has a nice amount, though, and the quality is pretty average. Asian Beavers is a hardcore site, so expect to see girls getting fucked (both vaginal and anal sex), sucking cock, and doing all sorts of naughty things! The video section on Asian Beavers, likewise, including sister site content. There are a good number of clips, although again they are mostly average quality, and you can download them to your computer. Asian Beavers and its sister sites together cover a very wide range of fetishes, and you’ll likely find a few other sections you enjoy besides the Asian Beavers. As far as other bonuses go, Asian Beavers includes erotica, webcams, and online chats with the girls. That’s great, although again, much of the content comes from sites other than Asian Beavers. Likewise, while the site says it updates daily, it’s not always Asian Beavers updating. All in all, unless you like the entire package deal, I think $39.95 is just too high to pay for Asian Beavers. The quality of their content isn’t that great, and while you do get access to a lot of other content, if that’s not what you’re looking for, then it’s wasted.

There are cheaper sites devoted solely to Asian girls, and if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t shell out the big bucks for Asian Beavers because you’ll probably be disappointed.

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