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Asian Kitty

Asian Kitty

Review date: 17-Jul-2017 06:04. This means you might have seen all of Asian Kitty’s stuff before. That’s always annoying. Basically, This site links in with the content’s Asian stuff, while the other sites focus on other fetishes. You get access to it all, though, which is a pretty good deal, especially when you see the price tag: $14.95 a month! If you join for a full year, it’s only $7.75 a month, although you are charged for the whole year at once.

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    17.6 of 25
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Asian Kitty

Intro promises:
Asian Kitty’s website is certainly focused on the cat theme, although that all goes away once you enter the main part of the site (the part that’s shared with other sites). The site shows off many Asian girls on the front page, although it doesn’t really show them off very well. It also makes use of different cat graphics, which are fun. The navigation is OK, although none of that is unique to the site. All in all, there’s very little besides the front page of the site that looks very different.

In the photo section, you’ll find over 300 photo galleries, each with around 100 photos in them! That’s a huge amount of content, and that’s not even counting what you get from the other sites. However, asiankitty is hit or miss quality wise. Some of the photos aren’t that great, while others are OK. The videos on Asian Kitty are much the same. There are over a hundred of them, but the quality is really bad on some. The action in the videos is great (hardcore boy/girl action, some lesbians, and some threesomes), but the quality just ruined some of the clips. Asiankitty also doesn’t stay consistent with its video format; some are in Windows Media Player, others are in MPEG format. Bonuses include the over 1,000 photos from the other websites and 300 more videos, although these aren’t all Asian-centered. You also get access to about 200 video feeds. Asian Kitty updates somewhat often, although the updates are sometimes irregular.

All in all, the site is cheap, but you also get what you pay for. Some of the content here just isn’t watchable, it’s so bad. Also, you will want to check your other memberships to see if you are already a part of the network asiankitty belongs to before joining; otherwise, you may waste your money. Asian Kitty is hit or miss, and I find it hard to recommend when I’ve seen much better out there.

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