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Asian Stud

Asian Stud

Review date: 23-Oct-2017 05:49. My porn-positive feminist Asian-American lit professor would have had a field day with Asian Stud. I’m not sure exactly what she would think of it, but I know she would pick it apart with a fine-toothed post-modern comb. I can hear her now: “What do these images mean to different people? What do they imply about the Asian-American experience? How does racial fetishizing affect a minority community?”

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Asian Stud

Intro promises:
Any woman who can do a scholarly analysis of a gay porn site is the woman for me. Actually, the Asian content on Asian Stud is pretty minimal. The site’s content is mostly just links to third party partner sites. The videos, the “bonus” galleries, the featured photo - all of them are links to other sites. A lot of those sites are hot and all of them are free with your Asian Stud membership. There’s just one big problem: none of them are Asian themed! Out of all the partner links I counted, there is only one poorly designed Asian gallery.

So where are all the Asian studs on Asian Stud? That’s the three million dollar – or maybe just $39.95 a month – question. They’re in the photo gallery section. That’s right: no hot Asian video clips, no live Asian chat; just pics, and nowhere near the 70,000 plus pics the site promises. Of the 30 galleries, only three include action, and it’s pretty tepid action at that. There’s not a stiffy in sight. The guys just sort of disinterestedly eye each other and slurp on each other’s flaccid willies. Fortunately, the solo sets are a lot better. Hunky kung-fu fighters like Dragon – so named for the Chinese dragon tattooed on his arm – and mustachioed Eric let their yin-yangs hang in very Playgirl-esque spreads. There are also the predicable smooth, delicate Asian twinks yanking their bruise-purple, uncut dicks. One honorable mention, a tiny, hairless dude, puts that tired stereotype about Asians having teeny weenies to bed. But, rough and tumble tattooed Kai gets the award for best all around. He’s one of the few guys on the site who really seems to be into what he’s doing, jerking his dick and fingering his perfect, puckered hole in several different photo sets.

The guys may be hot, but the photo galleries are the same quality and quantity you would expect from the Asian section of any general porn site. Seems like a site that advertises itself as Asian themed should do better.

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