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Ass Jammed

Ass Jammed

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 06:00. Just like movies, it seems that porn sites go through phases. Remember when asteroid movies were in? Then it was war movies, and movies about natural disasters. Well, the same goes for porn. There were shaved pussies, double penetration, huge tits and, of course, anal. Now it seems that the trend is leaning towards mega-porn library sites, with names that seem specific. Ass Jammed is one of these sites.

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Ass Jammed

Intro promises:
You might think that Ass Jammed is an anal site but you would only be partially correct. The site contains anal movies, and also Latina, Asian, big tits, orgy movies and many more. In fact, I must say that Ass Jammed has the greatest variety of porn movies that I have ever seen collected on one site. Whatever your interest, whether it be fetish, girl-on-girl wrestling, or enemas (yes, I said enemas), you'll find it on Ass Jammed.

Not only is there a great variety and quantity, but also the videos are updated faster than any other sites I've visited. One day the home page was advertising five movies and the next day five other videos had just come in. This type of turnover is nearly unheard of on porn websites. Another thing I liked was the search feature on Ass Jammed. Searching is one of the weakest features on most sites, but here the search function is immensely powerful. You can search under any keyword including genre, actress, movie title, and even movie studio. You don't realize it for a while but this is a great category. If you like Latina anal movies, then check under the studio that produced a Latina anal movie that you liked and boom! You find a ton of movies. Yet, you might have noticed that I gave Ass Jammed only 3.5 stars. Why was that? The site has some ridiculous glitches that make full-usage nearly impossible. First off, each video is supposed to be able to be viewed as either streaming or downloadable video. However, I couldn't download any videos. Now, I use Firefox as my browser, and mostly I don't have any problems with the program; however, I couldn't view or download any videos using Firefox. I switched to Internet Explorer and while I could view the videos as a streaming broadcast I still couldn't download. Another technical issue is that some of the movies that come up on the search function have been deleted from the system, which means you can't download or view them. his sucks double time since you don't realize it till you've gone past two screens and you're already hyped to see them. It's a big letdown.

Ass Jammed has the most movies, and greatest variety of movies that you'll see on any porn site, however technical difficulties will make it tough to watch them. The blessing, or the curse, is on you.

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