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Backroom Facials

Backroom Facials

Review date: 26-Apr-2012 19:27. Pornstars are not trying anymore, right? It’s the girls who are on video for the first time that are really working hard to look good. At Backroom Facials, you’re about to see real life women coming for an adult modeling interview and being asked to do stuff they never did with their boyfriends or husbands. And yes, they’re getting facials, among other filthy things. It’s too much fun!

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Backroom Facials

Intro promises:
Nothing is wrong with commercial porn for sure. At least not in the way we mean here. But these women, you know, they already have a habit, you know? Being crazy and sexy and writhing on a stiff fat dick is nothing special for them, much like you taking the bus. But it’s the natural thrill of it that can take you on a real fun ride. You know what we mean? Check Backroom Facials here. The site kinda brings our faith in women back. The site is, as all sites reviewed here, brand fucking new. We mean it, you can easily be the first one to find out about it. Anyway, the site focuses on real life women, the kind you see in grocery stores and on commute trains, coming to a bunch of guys who say they can hire them to do porn. Just a little audition first. And during this audition, they ask these women to do things they have never done, even in their bedrooms, let alone on camera with strangers. It’s real, you can see it. The girls almost lose their shit sometimes, but hey, they need work. So, you know, nothing really prevents these assholes from fucking these girls in the mouth, pussy and ass – and making a huge creamy facial load on their innocent faces. Well, not so innocent anymore. Check the tour to get a better idea. You see women profiled and taken mugshot-like pictures of. Dressed, undressed – heck, this must be humiliating!

Inside, this doesn’t get any more humiliating. In fact, it gets much worse. Backroom Facials is a site with simple yet very nice-looking design which seamlessly guides you to the site’s content collection. The site looks well-made and well-maintained, and this reflects in the content delivery, too. You get to see tens of episodes with lots of high resolution photos and great-looking high definition videos bundled together. Naturally, there’s a brand new girl in every episode, so you don’t really have a chance to get bored. In every new sequence, the guys come up with a whole new way to push these ‘craigstlist girls’ well over the edge. Girlfriends, students and even moms yesterday, porn sluts jizzed all over today, this can drive a girl crazy, don’t you think? After the introductory interview the fun begins and you can feel the air filling with awkwardness. This is just amazing! This shit feels so real you will be even disgusted at times. But it’s hot, totally hot at the same time, so disgusted one second, oops, busting a nut the next second. Lots of different girls here, white, black, Asian, you name it. Each one with her own story, and with her very own obscene requests she has to follow. The site is full of intense, sick, depraved adult casting sex filmed in great quality and with edge. We don’t need much else, you know!

Backroom Facials does in fact feature facials in the back room of a porn casting. It also features a lot of other stuff: innocent next door girls having their limits broken and their holes stretched, badass guys just having a good time, and fun-to-watch, totally hot videos you can stream and download in a very nice selection of formats and resolutions. This shit is pretty addictive, once you get the taste of these crazy casting treatment, you’ll want more and more! And these guys will deliver.

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