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BaDoink VR

BaDoink VR

Review date: 31-Jan-2018 03:52. Once again, you have a chance to end up in a porn scene. It’s actually easier than you think, and no, you don’t have to pay for the hotel or anything like that. You just need a membership with BaDoink VR, a cutting edge, totally cool new site that offers amazing virtual reality episodes with the best pornstars of today. Put that VR thing on your head and you’re in – pun intended!

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BaDoink VR

Intro promises:
An adult site that gives you a free pair of virtual reality goggles for your smartphone when you sign up? Never heard of that before. Oh wait, we forgot, we are supposed to tell you about BaDoink VR today, and this is exactly what they do. But let’s not rush it. Are you into the whole virtual reality thing at all? They are making more and more of those devices these days, they are getting affordable and more user-friendly. Have you heard of this Google Cardboard thing? All you need is a mobile phone, and then there are these goggles that you attach to the phone, and there you go. Of course, it’s not a full on headset, but that’s something. So, back to BaDoink VR, it’s one of those newfangled virtual reality porn sites. After all, for how much longer can you watch these pre-made videos where you control nothing. You need something more engaging, something where you are in control – and something that gets you off as it should. Looks like BaDoink VR just might be the place. Check out the cool ass tour with all the fancy design thingies, the free previews, the resourceful FAQ on VR devices. It’s 2015, baby, and you are about to experience the best porn there is on this damn planet! Don’t get stuck in the free area, grab your VR device (or get one, or wait till BaDoink VR sends you one), and let’s do it.

BaDoink VR pretty much combines the best features of several site types, and they do not necessarily need to be VR-based. First thing, they have pornstars here you may know from other titles and sites. Young, smoking hot, and ready to rock your socks off, these babes are irresistible, and you should get yourself ready for a very special party with them. Second thing, they don’t just show you sex you can imagine you’re part of (through VR). Even though that’s not bad at all. They also show you all kinds of different naughty things, footjobs, strapon action, anal, threesomes, you name it. There’s always something new to experience here. Then, of course, and we cannot stress this enough, there is the video quality and the whole video experience. Because it’s not about pixels here, it’s about you being in the middle of the action. Here, BaDoink VR will completely blow your mind. It does not matter what you are using exactly, could be Oculus, could be Gear VR, could be one of those cardboard things. You always get 360 slash 180 degrees of freedom, and with these high definition movies filled with hot ass pornstars, you’ll want as much freedom as you can possibly get! BaDoink VR is a fun new site, cool-looking, very customer-friendly, and the multi-niche hardcore pornstar videos that it offers in VR-enabled format, these will just make you stroke that meat like there’s no tomorrow.

BaDoink VR is about virtual reality – you probably know that from the name already. What you don’t know, however, is that this is one of the coolest sites of 2015. It looks great, it has all the features you need, it is loaded with VR-enabled pornstar flicks, and it will satisfy you like nothing else has ever! Give BaDoink VR a try now and join the virtual porn revolution. These girls are bad, horny, and waiting for you!

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