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Bang Both Holes

Bang Both Holes

Review date: 1-Nov-2017 05:09. It's starting to seem as if multiple-penetration sites are popping up quicker than Republican presidential wannabes. Is one wiener not enough to satisfy these flexible, stretchable ladies who also'appear to be syndicating themselves by showing up on every site focused on the genre?

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Bang Both Holes

Intro promises:
Is there more to that supposedly fulfilling feeling of feeling 'full' that the general public is missing out on in their monogamous, one-penis-per-penetration bedroom routines? Either way, Bang Both Holes is a good example of dual-orifice-jabbing collection with a clear-cut'approach to'showcasing such wall-to-wall-to-balls material.

Easily self-explanatory, visitors are presented with a cupful of streaming/downloadable QuickTime-formatted video clips and matching high-quality screencaps. Recognizable double-penetration promoting regulars like Katja, Lauren, Roxy, Dillan, Stacy and Saana, star in these orifice-alternating one-on-one and threeway romps. As sloppy blowjobs lead to the always polite you-put-yours-in-there-while-I-suck-on-his-for-a-while types of arrangements, a couple of couples take things slower and allow instinct to determine whether to explore the pink or the stink. There's also plenty of one-penis-per-hand-is-worth-both-eventually-in-the-bush style applied here,'with plenty'penile head-butting occurring in the mouths of babes who can't contain themselves long enough to practice the ole' puff-puff pass. None of the dudes appears too perturbed with these improvised swordfights, or the very'common scrotum-to-scrotum contact taking place during most of the two-point conversions. As each of the individual clips loads quickly in high and medium resolutions, each scene can be downloaded in one shot if you want to wait a few undeterminable minutes more. The rest of the ladies like Audrey'Hollander, Lil Bitmore and Desire'Moore'are only featured in photo sets that capture the same types of dual dipping, besides some puckered, gaping backdoors and the flowing tablespoons of internally ejaculated boy sauce that gravitationally stream and run from their sphincters. The flames of mouth-pussy-ass-ass-ass-pussy-mouth-ass routine burn out relatively quickly here'as this is somewhat of a small site. But, a very generous amount of bonuses await members looking to extend their experience and sample a nice array of other hardcore niches that might be new to them.

Besides some familiar anal and group sex video feed pages, your membership offers all-access to over 70 varied sites, including AssThenMouth, CockStrokingBitches, CumshotFrenzy, CumSlurpingWhores, DrippingCumHoles, TittieClub and XRatedMidgets. Bang Both Holes is unquestionably a reasonably priced and well-working introduction to double-penetration presentations. With its simplistic yet strict attention to detail'that'focuses closely'on'just how many'big brajoles'these gifted gals can'fit'inside of themselves, it certainly'makes for an unintimidating initiation into this overwhelming'genre.

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