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Bangkok Bangers

Bangkok Bangers

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 08:17. I don’t have an Asian fetish, and twink types have never really caught my interest, but I have to admit that the hyperkinetic Thai kickboxers I occasionally catch on satellite are hot. If you find yourself accidentally on purpose watching Muay Thai matches on the international channels and wishing that just once, those loud satin trunks would slide off those lean hips, make room on your credit card.

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Bangkok Bangers

Intro promises:
First off – yep, it’s a portal site, one in provider Platinum’s rapidly expanding family. And that means that the meat (har!) of the site is essentially the same: live chat feeds, video links, erotic stores, adult video games, and a shared multi-genre photo album. The amount of actual Asian-themed content in the site is fair-to-middling; I’ve seen portal sites with much less content in the genre they advertise.

There are three large galleries of Asian men, mainly featuring solo beefcake shots, but there are unfortunately only two Asian video feeds: the Anal Ninjas and Ethnic Hunks. Neither of them require RealOne Player, though, which requires a monthly fee to use on top of your site fees. (Many of Platinum’s other video feeds do work only with RealOne, so if you’re going to get the most from your membership you might consider the extra ten a month, and there’s a free trial period.) The action is pretty standard, with threesomes and moresomes being about the most exotic thing you’ll see here.

The real attraction of this site is the actors themselves: lean, smooth and beautifully cut. The photo galleries are of high quality and are begging to be mined for jpeg trading and collecting. The shared elements vary in quality but are adequate overall, and the number of genres represented stretch your monthly dollar a little further for those times when you’re craving variety.

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